Other minor changes in IRC 2.9

The IRC server version 2.9 introduces various smaller changes too and some of those are listed here. Some major changes are introduced in previous page.
PART comment
The PART (aka /leave or even /join 0) command now supports comment parameter just like /quit or /kick before.
Combined JOIN and chop
After net.split channel operator status and voice capability are passed as parameter of JOIN command. The o/v mode is in the end of the command, separated by control-g character from the channel name. The C-g is not an allowed character in channel name string.
Anonymous mode
The server local channels with & prefix allow anonymous mode to be set. When that mode is in use, noone on channel can identify who said what.
File: ircd.tune
While running the ircd dynamically tunes its buffers and table sizes and stores the best values to the ircd.tune file. The file is read only on server startup, but it is written automatically by server whenever a change internally is done. The file may not exist and be empty; if it is wanted to be refreshed, it should be removed totally. Server creates the tune file on startup, if it doesn't exist.
File: rejects
If the rejects file configured in config.h exists, all rejected (failed) connection attempts to the server are logged to it. The comment in the file tries to explain why the connection was rejected. For example connection attempts by K:lined users are logged.