Ulmaceae Mirb. Jalavakasvit Elm Family
  • Celtidaceae Link
  • Ulmaceae (Urticales); [GMB, #47]; [FFP, #68]; [RK, #24]

Foodplants for Acronicta intermedia, Adoxophyes orana, Anorthoa angustipennis, A. munda, Caligula japonica, Conistra ardescens, Cosmia trapezinula, Gelastocera exusta, Hypena tristalis, Lithophane rosinae, Orthosia carnipennis, O. coniortota, O. evanida, O. lizetta, O. odiosa, Pandemis heparana, Ptycholoma lecheanum, Rhodinia fugax, Sypnoides picta, Thyas juno, Trichosea ludifica

11.1.2003 (30)


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