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Euphrasia L.
Silmäruohot Eyebright
Euphrasia, Biota of North America Program (query database) [BONAP]
Euphrasia, Den Virtuella Floran [DVF]

Foodplants for Amblyptilia acanthodactyla, Gynnidomorpha permixtana, Perizoma bifaciatum, P. blandiatum, P. minoratum


fiEuphrasia rostkoviana Hayne
Ahosilmäruoho Stor ögontröst
Euphrasia hirtella auct.
Euphrasia rostkoviana, Bilder ur Nordens Flora (in Swedish) [RUNEBERG]
Euphrasia rostkoviana ; [RK, 387]
?Euphrasia officinalis hirtella ; [SK, 515]
?Euphrasia officinalis var. onegensis ; [SK, 515]
Isosilmäruoho Stor ögontröst
Euphrasia rostkoviana pratensis Asch. & Graebn.
Euphrasia rostkoviana rostkoviana ; [RK, 387]
fiE. r. fennica (Kihlm.) Karlsson
Ahosilmäruoho Finnögontröst
Euphrasia fennica Kihlm.
Euphrasia rostkoviana fennica ; [RK, 387]
Euphrais offininalis f. fennica ; [SK, 515]
[fennica-1.jpg] 708x839 (~96Kb) Finland, Ylöjärvi, Liivalamminkulma, 24.8.1999 © Harri Arkkio [fennica-1x.jpg] 296x444 (~15Kb) Finland, Ylöjärvi, Liivalamminkulma, 24.8.1999 © Harri Arkkio

The "stricta" species-group

fiEuphrasia stricta J. F. Lehm.
Ketosilmäruoho Vanligt ögontröst
?Euphrasia officinalis stricta ; [SK, 516]
Euphrasia stricta ; [RK, 387]; [RKe, 70]
Euphrasia stricta var. stricta ; [RK, 388]
Euphrasia officinalis brevipila ; [SK, 515]
fiE. s. var. brevipila (Gremli) Hartl
Euphrasia brevipila Gremli
Euphrasia stricta var. brevipila ; [RKe, 70]
[brevipila-1a.jpg] 587x1003 (~65Kb) Finland: Vaala, Manamansalo, Unelanperä, 18.8.2006, Photo © Harri Arkkio [brevipila-1b.jpg] 613x1028 (~86Kb) Finland: Vaala, Manamansalo, Unelanperä, 18.8.2006, Photo © Harri Arkkio

fiE. s. var. tenuis (Brenner) Jalas
Euphrasia brevipila tenuis (Brenner); Wettst.
Euphrasia arctica tenuis (Brenner); Yeo
Euphrasia stricta var. tenuis ; [RK, 388]
Euphrasia officinalis var. tenuis ; [SK, 516]
[tenuis-1U.jpg] identification uncertain 708x943 (~85Kb) Finland, Muonio, 24.7.2004, Photo © Harri Arkkio

fiEuphrasia nemorosa (Pers.) Wallr.
Tanakkasilmäruoho Common Eyebright Grå ögontröst
Euphrasia curta (Fr.); Wettst.
Euphrasia stricta var. curta (Fr.); Jalas
Euphrasia officinalis curta ; [SK, 517]
Euphrasia nemorosa ; [RK, 388]; [RKe, 70]

fiEuphrasia nemorosa × stricta
Euphrasia × hausknechtii Wettst.
Euphrasia nemorosa × stricta ; [RKe, 70]

fiEuphrasia frigida Pugsley
Pohjansilmäruoho Fjällögontröst
Euphrasia latifolia auct.
Euphrasia minima auct.
Euphrasia frigida ; [RK, 388]
Euphrasia officinalis latifolia ; [SK, 517]
Euphrasia frigida var. frigida ; [RK, 388]
[frigida_frigida-1a.jpg] 588x963 (~49Kb) Finland, Kilpisjärvi, 28.7.2004, Photo © Harri Arkkio [frigida_frigida-1b.jpg] 474x633 (~35Kb) Finland, Kilpisjärvi, 28.7.2004, Photo © Harri Arkkio [frigida_frigida-2.jpg] 579x774 (~43Kb) Finland, Hailuoto, Pöllä, 6.8.2005, Photo © Harri Arkkio
[frigida_frigida-3.jpg] 783x1044 (~151Kb) Finland: Pori, Reposaari, 22.6.2008, Photo © Harri Arkkio

fiE. f. var. palustris (Jörg.) Nordh.
Euphrasia frigida var. palustris ; [RK, 388]

fiEuphrasia frigida × stricta
Euphrasia frigida × stricta ; [RKe, 70]


fiEuphrasia micrantha Reichenb.
Nummisilmäruoho Ljungögontröst
Euphrasia gracilis (Fr.); Drejer
Euphrasia micrantha ; [RK, 388]
Euphrasia officinalis gracilis ; [SK, 516]

fiEuphrasia bottnica Kihlman
Perämerensilmäruoho Strandögontröst
Euphrasia bottnica ; [RK, 388]
Euphrasia officinalis bottnica ; [SK, 516]
[bottnica-1.jpg] 427x605 (~53Kb) Finland, Kalajoki hiekat, 22.7.2004, Photo © Harri Arkkio [bottnica-2.jpg] 900x1174 (~141Kb) Finland, Hailuoto, Pöllä, 6.8.2005, Photo © Harri Arkkio [bottnica-2x.jpg] 660x818 (~47Kb) Finland, Hailuoto, Pöllä, 6.8.2005, Photo © Harri Arkkio

fiEuphrasia salisburgensis Funck
Otasilmäruoho Lappögontröst
Euphrasia lapponica Th. C. E. Fr.
Euphrasia salisburgensis ; [RK, 389]
[salisburgensis-1a.jpg] 583x764 (~40Kb) Finland, Kilpisjärvi, 28.7.2004, Photo © Harri Arkkio [salisburgensis-1b.jpg] 398x480 (~33Kb) Finland, Kilpisjärvi, 28.7.2004, Photo © Harri Arkkio


?Euphrasia officinalis L.
Yleinen silmäruoho
Euphrasia officinalis ; [RK, 386 (in introduction of Euphrasia)]; [SK, 514]

E. officinalis L. has been split and probably could be added as a partial synonym for any of the above. Also, the placement of [SK]-references is somewhat uncertain (to me). Thus for the time being the entire E. offinialis from [SK] is replicated here just for the record.

Suomen silmäruoho
Euphrasia officinalis hirtella ; [SK, 515]
Euphrasia Rostokowiana; Act. soc. fn. et fl. XIII
Euphrasia officinalis f. fennica ; [SK, 515]
E. o. f. brevidens Lindb. fil.
Euphrasia officinalis f. brevidens ; [SK, 515]
Euphrasia officinalis var. onegensis ; [SK, 515]
E. o. brevipila (Burnat & Gremli)
Lyhytkarvainen silmäruoho
Euphrasia officinalis brevipila ; [SK, 515]
Euphrasia officinalis f. subeglandulosa ; [SK, 516]
Euphrasia officinalis f. englandulosa ; [SK, 516]
Euphrasia officinalis var. tenuis ; [SK, 516]
Hento silmäruoho
Euphrasia micrantha Rchb.
Euphrasia officinalis gracilis ; [SK, 516]
Pohjanmaan silmäruoho
Euphrasia micrantha Brenn.
Euphrasia hebecalyx Brenn.
Euphrasia officinalis bottnica ; [SK, 516]
Euphrasia officinalis stricta ; [SK, 516]
Euphrasia officinalis f. cuneata ; [SK, 516]
Euphrasia Reuteri Wettst. p.p.
Euphrasia officinalis var. pilifera ; [SK, 517]
Tanakka silmäruoho
Euphrasia officinalis curta ; [SK, 517]
Euphrasia officinalis f. imbricata ; [SK, 517]
Euphrasia officinalis var. glabrescens ; [SK, 517]
Leveälehtinen silmäruoho
Euphrasia officinalis latifolia ; [SK, 517]
Euphrasia officinalis f. glandulifera ; [SK, 517]
Euphrasia officinalis f. remotella ; [SK, 517]
Euphrasia officinalis f. conferta ; [SK, 517]


Euphrasia oakesii Wettst.
Euphrasia Oakesii ; [GMBOT, 733]

Euphrasia williamsii Robinson
Euphrasia Williamsii ; [GMBOT, 733]

Euphrasia randii Robinson
Euphrasia Randii ; [GMBOT, 733]
Euphrasia Randii var. Farlowii ; [GMBOT, 733]

Euphrasia arctica Lange ex Rostr.
Euphrasia hirtella Robinson, not Jord
Euphrasia arctica ; [GMBOT, 733]

Euphrasia americana Wettst.
Euphrasia americana ; [GMBOT, 733]

Euphrasia canadensis Townsend
Euphrasia americana var. canadensis (Townsend); Robinson
Euphrasia canadensis ; [GMBOT, 733]

10.12.2006 (14)

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