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Passiflora, Biota of North America Program (query database) [BONAP]
Passiflora (Passifloraceae) ; [GNSP]

Foodplants for Acraea andromacha, A. andromacha, A. asboloplintha, A. horta, A. natalica, A. pseudegina, A. zetes, Cethosia biblis, C. biblis, C. cyane, Chalodeta lypera, Dione moneta, Dryas iulia, Euptoieta claudia, E. hegesia, Heliconius charithonia, H. cydno, H. cydno pachinus, H. erato, Lyces minuta, Paratrea plebeja, Parthenos sylvia, Podotricha telesiphe, Spodoptera litura, Vindula dejone, V. erota

[sp-1.jpg] 900x743 (~149Kb) USA: Wallingford, Seattle, King Co., WA, 10.7.2000 (cultivated), Photo Markku Savela [sp-1x.jpg] 1200x939 (~164Kb) USA: Wallingford, Seattle, King Co., WA, 10.7.2000 (cultivated), Photo Markku Savela

The exact identification of these species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

Subgenus ?

Passiflora alata
Brazilian maracuya

Foodplant for Dione juno, Heliconius ismenius

Passiflora affinis Engelm.
Bracted passion-flower

Passiflora anadenia Urban
Tropical passion-flower

Passiflora berteriana Balbis ex DC

Passiflora bicornis P. Mill
Wing-leaf passion-flower
Passiflora pulchella Kunth

Passiflora biflora Lam.
Two-flower passion-flower

Foodplant for Heliconius clysonymus montanus, H. cydno, H. erato petiverana, H. hecalesia formosus, Josia insincera

Passiflora bilobata Juss.
Two-lobe passion-flower

Passiflora bryonioides Kunth
Cupped passion-flower

Passiflora caerulea L.
Blue-crown passion-flower Granadilla Cavalery Star
[caerulea-1.jpg] 900x743 (~149Kb) USA: Wallingford, Seattle, King Co., WA, 10.7.2000 (cultivated), Photo Markku Savela
Passiflora caerulea det. Aleksey Izmaylov
[caerulea-1x.jpg] 1200x939 (~164Kb) USA: Wallingford, Seattle, King Co., WA, 10.7.2000 (cultivated), Photo Markku Savela
Passiflora caerulea det. Aleksey Izmaylov

Foodplant for Acraea aganice, Josia mononeura, Rhodogastria amasis

Passiflora ciliata Ait.
Fringed passion-flower
Passiflora foetida var. riparia (C. Wright); Killip

Passiflora coccinea Aubl.
Scarlet passion-flower

Passiflora edulis Sims
Purple granadilla

Foodplant for Acraea aganice, A. neobule, Dione juno, Philaethria dido, Spilosoma lineata

Passiflora filipes Benth.
Slender passion-flower

Passiflora foetida L.
Scarlet-fruit passion-flower

Foodplant for Agraulis vanillae, Cethosia cydippe, Euptoieta hegesia, Vindula arsinoe

P. f. var. gossypiifolia (Desv. ex Hamilton) Masters
P. f. var. hispida (DC. ex Triana & Planch.) Killip

Passiflora gracilis Jacq. ex Link.

Passiflora incarnata L.
Purple passion-flower
[incarnata-1.jpg] 677x928 (~74Kb) Stafford Co., Virginia, USA, August 2003, Photo Ben Chase

Foodplant for Acraea aganice, A. neobule, Agraulis vanillae

Passiflora laurifolia L.
Golden bell-apple Belle Apple

Foodplant for Lyces ena, Philaethria andrei

Passiflora ligularis Juss.
Sweet granadilla

Foodplant for Agraulis vanillae, Lyces fornax

Passiflora lutea L.
Yellow passion-flower
Passiflora lutea var. glabriflora Fern.

Passiflora macrocarpa Mast.
Granadillas Fruit?

Passiflora maliformis L.
Conch-apple Sweet Cup Pomme d'Or

Foodplant for Lyces annulata

Passiflora mexicana Juss.
Mexican passion-flower

Passiflora mollissima (Kunth) Bailey
Banana passion-flower

Foodplant for Acraea andromacha, Josia ligata, Lyces fluonia, Scea necyria

Passiflora morifolia Masters
Woodland passion-flower
Passiflora warmingii Masters

Passiflora multiflora L.
White-flower passion-flower

Passiflora murucuja L.
Virgin island passion-flower

Passiflora pallens Poepp. ex Masters
Pineland passion-flower

Passiflora quadrangularis L.
Giant granadilla

Foodplant for Agraulis vanillae, Josia mononeura

Passiflora serratodigitata L.

Passiflora sexflora Juss.

Foodplant for Caribojosia youngi, Josia gigantea

Passiflora suberosa L.
Corky-stem passion-flower
Passiflora pallida L.

Foodplant for Acraea andromacha, Agraulis vanillae galapagensis, Euptoieta hegesia, Josia mononeura

Passiflora subpeltata Ortega
White passion-flower

Passiflora tenuiloba Engelm.
Bird-wing passion-flower

Passiflora tuberosa Jacq.
Tuberous passion-flower

Passiflora tulae Urban

Passiflora vitifolia Kunth
Perfumed passion-flower

Foodplant for Dione juno, Dryas iulia, Eueides aliphera, E. lybia, Heliconius cydno, H. cydno pachinus, H. hecale zuleika, Lyces ena, Philaethria dido, P. dido chocoensis

Subgenus Plectostemma

Passiflora bauhinifolia Kunth
Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. See [About maps]

Foodplant for Scea discinota

Passiflora capsularis L.
Guatemala - N.Brazil, Paraguay. See [About maps]

Foodplant for Dione moneta, Josia aurifusa, J. radians, J. turgida

Passiflora cuneata Willdenow
C.Venezuela - E.Colombia. See [About maps]

Foodplant for Josia radians, Lyces gopala

Passiflora rubra L.
West Indies, from (Venezuela, Colombia) - Bolivia, E.Brazil. See [About maps] Dutchman's-laudanum

Foodplant for Euptoieta hegesia, Josia aurifusa, J. fustula, J. radians, J. turgida

Subgenus Granadilla

Passiflora gritensis Karsten
W.Venezuela. See [About maps]

Foodplant for Lyces gopala

Subgenus Granadillastrum

Passiflora manicata (Juss.) Pers.
W.Venezuela - Colombia - N.Peru. See [About maps] Red passion-flower

Foodplant for Josia radians, Scea semifulva, S. superba

12.4.2007 (42)

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Wielgorskaya, 1995; Dictionary of generic names of seed plants

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