Malvaceae Mallow Family Malvakasvit

Foodplants for Anomis flava, A. involuta, A. mesogona, Anorthoa angustipennis, A. munda, Athetis gluteosa, Autographa californica, A. precationis, Autoplusia egena, Belciades niveola, Celypha moderata, Chrysodeixis eriosoma, C. includens, Conistra ardescens, C. castaneofasciata, C. grisescens, Cosmia moderata, Diaphania indica, Gelastocera exusta, Haritalodes basipunctalis, Heliopetes ericetorum, H. laviana, Heliothis adaucta, Hypolimnas bolina jacintha, H. misippus, Lithophane rosinae, Lymantria dispar, Nacna malachites, Neptis dejeani, N. soma, Orthosia carnipennis, O. coniortota, O. evanida, O. lizetta, O. odiosa, Pyrgus albescens, P. communis, P. sidae, Rusicada leucolopha, R. privata, Spoladea recurvalis, Syndemis musculana, Thyas juno, Trichosea champa, T. ludifica, Trisateles emortualis, Vanessa annabella

[sp-1.jpg] 1500x1149 (~275Kb) USA: Conoco gas station near McPhee Reservoir Camping, SW Colorado, 14.8.2005, Photo © Markku Savela

The exact identification of this species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

26.4.2022 (58)


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