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Arachis L.
Arachis, Biota of North America Program (query database) [BONAP]
Arachis (Fabaceae) ; [GNSP]

Foodplants for Eurema hecabe, Olene inclusa, O. mendosa, Orgyia turbata, Theretra nessus, Urbona chlorocrota, Walshia miscecolorella

Arachis hypogaea L.
Maapähkinä Ground-nut

Foodplant for Alpenus investigatorum, A. maculosa, Eurema hecabe hobsoni, Leptotes pirithous, Spilosoma unipuncta

23.10.1998 (1)

A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands; A data base interface; BONAP U.S. Checklist - 1998; Provided by TAMU-BWG; Texas A & M Bioinformatics Working Group; Based on; Biota of North America Program
Wielgorskaya, 1995; Dictionary of generic names of seed plants

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