Achillea L. Kärsämöt Yarrow
  • Achillea (Asteraceae); [GNSP]

Foodplants for Aethes margaritana, Chelis maculosa, C. simplonica, Chloroclystis v-ata, Coleophora virgatella, Cucullia calendulae, C. chamomillae, C. tanaceti, Depressaria alienella, Epicallia villica, Eucharia festiva, Eupoecilia angustana, Hyphoraia aulica, Malacosoma franconicum, Ocnogyna loewii, O. zoraida, Pachetra sagittigera, Scopula ornata, Sophronia humerella, Watsonarctia deserta

The ? species-group

1.12.2004 (12)


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