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Elymus L.
Villivehnät Wild Rye Lyme Grass
Elymus, Biota of North America Program (query database) [BONAP]
Elymus, Den Virtuella Floran [DVF]

Foodplants for Chionodes figurella, Coenonympha hero

Elymus sibiricus L.
[sibiricus-1.jpg] 616x400 (~61Kb) The Onon River left bank 7 km upstream of the village Nozhnii Tsasuchei, Aginskii Buryat National Region, SE Transbaikalia, Siberia, Russia. 16th July 1997, Photo © Oleg Kosterin

Elymus trachycaulus (Link.) Gould ex Shinners
Hoikkavehnä Slender Wheatgrass

fiElymus mutabilis (Drobov) Tzvelev
Lapinvehnä Lappelm
Agropyron mutabile Drobov
Roegneria mutabilis (Drobov); Hyl.
Elymus mutabilis ; [RK, 598]

?Elymus violaceum (Horn.)
Lapin vehnä
Triticum violaceum Horn.
Triticum violaceum ; [SK, 99]

Same as Elymus mutabilis?

fiElymus caninus (L.) L.
Koiranvehnä Bearded Couch Awned Wheat Grass Lundelm
Triticium caninum L.
Roegneria canina (L.); Nevski
Agropyron caninum (L.); P. Beauv.
Elymus caninus ; [RK, 598]
Triticium caninum ; [SK, 99]
Agropyron caninum ; [GMBOT, 167]
[caninus-1a.jpg] 434x700 (~21Kb) Finland, Nokia, Haavisto, 5.7.1992, Photo © Harri Arkkio [caninus-1b.jpg] 650x476 (~33Kb) Finland, Nokia, Haavisto, 5.7.1992, Photo © Harri Arkkio [caninus-2.jpg] 1040x680 (~52Kb) Finland, Tampere, Kaarila, 24.9.1997, Photo © Harri Arkkio

Foodplant as Roegneria canina for Lasiommata petropolitana, Ochlodes sylvanus

fiElymus caninus × fibrosus
Elymus caninus × fibrosus ; [RK, 598]

fiElymus caninus × mutabilis
Elymus caninus × mutabilis ; [RK, 599]

fiElymus fibrosus (Schrenk) Tzvelev
Siperianvehnä Rysselm
Agropyron fibrosum Schrenk
Agropyron caninum var. biflorum (Brign.); K. Richt.
Roegneria fibrosa (Schrenk); Nevski
?Agropyron violaceum Lange; (= Triticum violaceum Horn.?)
Agropyron biflorum (Brignoli); R. & S.
Elymus fibrosus ; [RK, 599]
Agropyron biflorum ; [GMBOT, 166]
[fibrosus-1.jpg] 688x900 (~82Kb) Finland, Kuusamo, Oulankajoki, 26.7.2000, Photo © Harri Arkkio

Elymus alaskanus (Scrib. & Merr.) Á. Löve
fiE. a. scandicus (Nevski) Melderis
Tunturivehnä Fjällelm
Elymus kronokensis subalpinus (Neuman); Tzvelev
Agropyron latiglume (Scribn. & Sm.); Rydb.
Agropyron latiglume eurasiaticum Hultén
Roegneria borealis (Turcz.); Nevski
Elymus alaskanus scandicus ; [RK, 599]

fiElymus repens (L.) Gould
Juolavehnä Common Couch Couch Grass Quitch Grass Quick Grass Kvickrot
Triticum repens L.
Agropyron repens (L.); P. Beauv.
Elytrigia repens (L.); Nevski
Agropyron repens, Aquatic and Wetland Vascular Plants of the Northern Great Plains [USGS]
Agropyron repens ; [GMBOT, 166]
Elymus repens ; [RK, 599]
Triticum repens ; [SK, 99]
[repens-1.jpg] 1040x752 (~50Kb) Finland, Lempäälä, Mottisenniemi, 11.8.1998, Photo © Harri Arkkio

Foodplant as Triticum repens for Pararge aegeria

Foodplant as Agropyron repens for Apamea lignicolora, Leucania insueta, L. multilinea, L. phragmitidicola, Thymelicus acteon, T. lineola

Foodplant as Elytrigia repens for Calameuta filiformis, Carterocephalus silvicola, Coscinia (bombyx) cribraria, Elachista littoricola, Euthrix potatoria, Hipparchia semele, Mesapamea (noctua) secalis, Pararge aegeria, Pediasia fascelinella, Pyronia tithonus, Rivula sericealis, Tholera (geometra) decimalis, Thymelicus acteon, T. lineola

[repens_repens-1a.jpg] 452x1037 (~76Kb) Finland, Tampere, Kaarila, 17.7.2005, Photo © Harri Arkkio [repens_repens-1b.jpg] 1121x910 (~247Kb) Finland, Tampere, Kaarila, 17.7.2005, Photo © Harri Arkkio

Elymus farctus (Viv.) Runemark
fiE. f. boreali-atlanticus (Simonet & Guin.) Melderis
Merivehnä Sand Couch Strandkvickrot
Agropyron junceum auct.
Elytrigia juncea boreali-atlantica (Simonet & Guin.); Hyl.
Elymus farctus boreali-atlanticus ; [RK, 600]

fiElymus farctus × repens
Elymus farctus × repens ; [RK, 600]

Elymus subsecundus (Link) Á. & D. Löve

Elymus virginicus L.
Elymus virginicus ; [GMBOT, 169]
E. v. var. hirsutiglumis (Scribn.) Hitchc.
Elymus virginicus var. hirsutiglumis ; [GMBOT, 169]
Elymus virginicus var. submuticus ; [GMBOT, 169]

Elymus australis Scribn. & Ball.
Elymus australis ; [GMBOT, 169]

Elymus canadensis L.
Kanadanrantavehnä Canada Wild Rye
Elymus canadensis ; [GMBOT, 169]
Elymus canadensis var. glaucifolius ; [GMBOT, 169]

Elymus robustus Scribn. & J. G. Sm.
Elymus robustus ; [GMBOT, 169]

Elymus brachystachys Scribn. & Ball.
Elymus brachystachys ; [GMBOT, 169]

Elymus striatus Willd.
Elymus striatus ; [GMBOT, 169]
E. s. var. arkansanus (Scribn. & Ball) Hitchc.
Elymus striatus var. arkansanus ; [GMBOT, 169]

Elymus macounii Vasey
Elymus Macounii ; [GMBOT, 170]

Elymus glaucus Buckley
Elymus glaucus ; [GMBOT, 170]

Foodplant for Chionodes figurella

Elymus diversiglumis Scribn. & Ball.
Elymus diversiglumis ; [GMBOT, 170]

25.2.2006 (19)

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