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Vespertilio Linnaeus, 1758
Vespertilio Linnaeus, 1758; Syst. Nat. (edn. 10) 1: 31, TS: Vespertilio murinus
Vesperus Kaiserling & Blasius

fiVespertilio murinus Linnaeus, 1758
SEU, CEU, S.Siberia - Ussuri, Iran, Afghanistan. See [About maps] Kimolepakko Parti-coloured Bat
Vespertilio murinus Linnaeus, 1758; Syst. Nat. (edn. 10) 1: 31, TL: Sweden
luteus; (Transbaikalia)
Vespertilio murinus ussuriensis Wallin, 1969; Zool. Bidr. Upps. 37: 223-440, TL: Lake Chanka, River Odarki, Maritime Province, E.Siberia

Vespertilio superans Thomas, 1899
Yangtze (central) - Mongolia - Amur (upper), Ussuri, Korea, Japan. See [About maps] Vespertilio murinus superans Thomas, 1899; Proc. Zool. SOc. Lond, 1898: 770, TL: Sesalin, Ichang, Hypeh, China
aurijunctus; (Korea)
namiyei; (Kyushu)
Nyctalus noctula Namie, 1889; (Honshu)
Nyctalus montanus Kishida, 1931; (substitute for noctula Namie, 1889)
Nyctalus noctula motoyoshii Kuroda, 1934; (Substitute for montanus Kishida, 1931)
Vespertilio namiyei anderssoni Wallin, 1962; , TL: Pang-Chiang, Inner Mongolia, China (c. 43°N, 113°30'E)

Vespertilio orientalis Wallin, 1969
Japan (Honshu), China (Shansi - Fukien), Taiwan. See [About maps] Vespertilio orientalis Wallin, 1969; Zool. Bidr. Upps. 37: 307, TL: Horobe, Ashiro, Ninoke district, Iwate pref,, Honshu, Japan

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