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Rousettus Gray, 1821
Rousettus Gray, 1821; Lond. Med. Repos., 15: 299, TS: Pteropus aegyptiacus Geoffroy

Rousettus aegyptiacus (Geoffroy, 1810)
Karachi - S.Iran - S.Arabia, Antioch - Egypt, Cypur, Africa (south of Sahara). See [About maps] Egyptian Fruit Bat
Pteropus aegyptiacus Geoffroy, 1810; Ann. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris 15: 96, TL: Giza, Egypt
aegyptiacus arabicus Anderson & de Winton, 1902; (S.Arabia - Pakistan)
[aegyptiacus-1.jpg] 561x652 (~99Kb) Russia, Moscow Zoo, 12.3.2010, Photo © D. Smirnov

Rousettus amplexicaudatus (Geoffroy, 1810)
Kampuchea, Thailand, Malay Peninsula - Indonesia - New Guinea, Bismark Arch., Solomon Is., Philippines. See [About maps] Pteropus amplexicaudatus Geoffroy, 1810; Ann. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris 15: 96, TL: Lesser Sunda, Timor
Rousettus stresemanni

Rousettus angolensis (Bocage, 1898)
from (Senegal, Angola) - Ethiopia - Mozambique, Bioko. See [About maps] angolensis (Bocage, 1898); J. Sci. Math. Phys. Nat. Lisboa. (2) 5: 133, TL: Angola, Quibula, Cahata, Pungo Andongo
Lissonycteris angolensis ;

Rousettus celebensis K. Andersen, 1907
Sulawesi, Sangihe. See [About maps] Celebesinkoirankuonolepakko
Rousettus celebensis K. Andersen, 1907; Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7) 19: 503, 509, TL: Sulawesi, Mt. Masarang, 3500ft

Rousettus lanosus Thomas, 1906
Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, S.Ethiopia, E.Zaire. See [About maps] Rousettus lanosus Thomas, 1906; Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., (7) 18: 137, TL: Uganda, Ruwenzori East, Mubuku Valley, 13000ft

Rousettus leschenaulti (Desmarest, 1820)
Sri Lanka, Pakistan - Vietnam, S.China, Java, Bali. See [About maps] leschenaulti (Desmarest, 1820); Encyclop. Method. Mamm., 1: 110, TL: India, Pondicherry
Rousettus seminudus

Rousettus madagascariensis G. Grandidier, 1928
Madagascar. See [About maps] Rousettus madagascariensis G. Grandidier, 1928; Bull. Acad. Malgache, 11: 91, TL: Magagascar, Beforona (betw. Tananarive and Andevoranto)

Rousettus obliviosus Kock, 1978
Comoro Is. Rousettus obliviosus Kock, 1978; Proc. 4th Int. Bat Res. Conf. Nairobi: 208, TL: Comoro Is., Grand Comoro, near Boboni, 640m

Rousettus spinalatus Bergmans & Hill, 1980
Sumatra, Borneo. See [About maps] Rousettus spinalatus Bergmans & Hill, 1980; Bull. Br. Mus. (Nat. Hist.) Zool., 38: 95, TL: N.Sumatra, near Madan or Prapat

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