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Phycitodes Hampson, 1917
Phycitodes (Gallearianae)Hampson, 1917; Novit. Zool. 24 : 26, TS: Phycitodes albistriata Hampson
Rotruda Heinrich, 1956; Bull. U.S. Natl. Mus. 207 : 225, TS: Homoeosoma mucidella Ragonot
= ; [NACL, 83]; [AUCL]
Phycitodes (Phycitinae) ; [NACL, 83]
Phycitodes (Phycitini) ; [AUCL]; [GlobIZ]

fiPhycitodes maritima (Tengström, 1848)
Homoeosoma carlinella Heinemann, 1865
cretacellus (Rössler, 1866)
Homoeosoma osteella Ragonot, 1887; Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 1887 : 255, TL: Kasikoparan
= Phycitodes carlinella ; [NHM]
Phycitodes maritima, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Phycitodes maritima, UK Moths [Ian Kimber]
Phycitodes maritimus ; [SPL, #2282]

Larva on Senecio jacobaea, Tanacetum vulgare, Achillea millefolium

fiPhycitodes binaevella (Hübner, 1813)
Ephestia coarctella Ragonot, 1887; Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 1887 : 257, TL: Amasia
Phycitodes binaevella, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Phycitodes binaevella, UK Moths [Ian Kimber]
Phycitodes binaevellus ; [SPL, #2283]
[binaevella-1U.jpg] identification uncertain 804x455 (~73Kb) Russia, Moscow area (36°25'E, 56°00'N), 12.7.2009, Photo © D. Smirnov

Larva on Cirsium vulgare, Carduus, Aster, Tanacetum vulgare, Artemisia vulgaris

Phycitodes lacteella (Rothschild, 1915)
Algeria, .... See [About maps] Staudingeria lacteella Rothschild, 1915; Novit. Zool. 22 (2): 240, TL: Oued Nça
Phycitodes lacteella, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]

Phycitodes inquinatella (Ragonot, 1887)
Asia Minor. See [About maps] Homoeosoma inquinatella Ragonot, 1887; Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 1887 : 256, TL: Marash

fiPhycitodes saxicola (Vaughan, 1870)
Phycitodes saxicola, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Phycitodes saxicola, UK Moths [Ian Kimber]

Larva on Senecio jacobaea, Anthemis, Callistephus chinensis

fiPhycitodes albatella (Ragonot, 1887)
Homoeosoma albatella Ragonot, 1887; Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 1887 : 255, TL: Samarkand, Nochur
parva (Gerasimov, 1930)
= ; [NACL, #5946]
Phycitodes albatella, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Phycitodes albatella, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Phycitodes albatella ; [NACL, #5946 (extralim.)]
Phycitodes albatellus ; [SPL, #2285]
nimbella Duponchel, 1836; Heinrich, 1956

Larva on Solidago, Crepis, Senecio

P. a. mucidella (Ragonot, 1887)
Phycitodes albatella mucidella ; [NACL, #5946a]
P. a. reliquella (Dyar, 1904)
Phycitodes albatella reliquella ; [NACL, #5946b]

Phycitodes olivaceella (Ragonot, 1889)
Panama, Virgin Is.. See [About maps] Homoeosoma olivaceella Ragonot, 1889; Nouv. Phycitinae: 33
Homoeosoma musiosum Dyar, 1914; Proc. U.S. nat. Mus. 47 (2050) : 342, TL: Panama, Porto Bello
= ; [NHM]

Phycitodes nigrilimbella (Ragonot, 1887)
Asia Minor. See [About maps] Homoeosoma nigrilimbella Ragonot, 1887; Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 1887 : 256, TL: Marasch

Phycitodes albistriata Hampson, 1917
E.Africa. See [About maps] Phycitodes albistriata Hampson, 1917; Novit. Zool. 24 : 27, TL: Br. E. Africa, N'dimu

Phycitodes delineata (Lucas, 1892)
AU. See [About maps] Homaeosoma[sic] delineata Lucas, 1892
Phycitodes delineata ; [AUCL]

Phycitodes melanosticta (Lower, 1903)
AU. See [About maps] Homaeosoma[sic] melanosticta Lower, 1903
Phycitodes melanosticta ; [AUCL]

21.3.2011 (11)

Nielsen & Rangsi, 1996; Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Australia; CSIRO, Australia
[About maps]
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[D. Smirnov]
Russia, Moscow; e-mail: D. Smirnov
Global information system on pyraloidea; GlobIZ; Globales Informtationssystem Zünslerfalter; Note This information is not automatically synchronized with GlobIZ and can sometimes be lagging behind.
[Ian Kimber]
North American Moth Photographers Group
Hodges, 1983; Check List of the Lepidoptera of America North of Mexico
Natural History Museum; The Global Lepidoptera Names Index
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Svenska fjärilar; Naturhistoriska riksmuseet; (Sweden)

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