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Eremberga Heinrich, 1939
Eremberga Heinrich, 1939; Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 86 (3053) : 375, TS: Cactobrosis leuconips Dyar
= Zophodia ; [GlobIZ]
Eremberga (Phycitinae) ; [NACL, 84]

Eremberga leuconips (Dyar, 1925)
Eremberga leuconips, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Eremberga leuconips ; [NACL, #5984]

Eremberga creabates (Dyar, 1923)
Eremberga creabates, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Eremberga creabates ; [NACL, #5985]

Eremberga insignis Heinrich, 1939
Eremberga insignis, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Eremberga insignis ; [NACL, #5986]

25.10.2002 (3)

Global information system on pyraloidea; GlobIZ; Globales Informtationssystem Zünslerfalter; Note This information is not automatically synchronized with GlobIZ and can sometimes be lagging behind.
North American Moth Photographers Group
Hodges, 1983; Check List of the Lepidoptera of America North of Mexico

Some related literature:
Heinrich, 1939
The cactus-feeding Phycitinae: A contribution toward a revision of the American pyraliloid moths of the family Phycitidae Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 86 (3053) : 331-413

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