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Euryphaedra Staudinger, 1891
Euryphaedra Staudinger, 1891; Dt. Ent. Z. Iris, 4 (1) : 102, TS: Eruphaedra thauma Staudinger
Euryphaedra, NSG Voucher Specimen [Wahlberg]
Euryphaedra (Adoliadini) ; [Wahlberg]; [AfrL]

Euryphaedra thauma Staudinger, 1891
Gabon, Cameroun, W.Zaire. See [About maps] Euryphaedra thauma Staudinger, 1891; Dt. Ent. Z. Iris, 4 (1) : 102, TL: Ogowe R.
Euryphaedra thauma, NSG Voucher Specimen [Wahlberg]
Euryphaedra thauma ; [BAFR, 298]; [AfrL]

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Some related literature:
Staudinger, 1891
Neue exotische Lepidopteren Dt. Ent. Z. Iris, 4 (1) : 61-157, pl. 1-2

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