Theclinae Nopsasiivet Hairstreaks Strong Blues
Tribe Theclini
Section Thecla
Section ?
Section Amblopala
Subtribe Oxylidina
  • Oxylidina (Theclini) ; [AfrL]
  • Oxylidini (Theclinae) ;
Subtribe Amblypodiina
Subtribe Hypolycaenina
Subtribe Deudorigina
Section Deudorix
Section Capys
Section ?
Subtribe Loxurina
Section Loxura
  • Loxura ; Eliot, 1973, REF#b: 434
Section Neomyrina
Section Drina
Section Dapidodigma
Subtribe Iolaina
Section Iolaus
Section Britomartis
Section ?
Tribe Luciini
Section Lucia
Section Hypochrysops
Tribe Arhopalini
Section Arhopala
Section Semanga
Section Surendra
Section Ogyris
Tribe Zesiini
  • Zesiusinae Swinhoe, 1911 153, TG: Zesius
Section Zesius
Section Jalmenus
Tribe Hypotheclini Eliot, 1973
Tribe Horagini
Tribe Cheritrini
Section Cheritra
Tribe Remelanini Eliot, 1973
Tribe Eumaeini
  • ?Strymonini (incl.?)
Section Callophrys
Section ?
Section Brangas
Section Atlides
Section Thereus
Section Satyrium
Section Thestius
Section Allosmaitia
Section Lamprospilus
Section Strymon
Section Tmolus
Section Panthiades
Section Hypostrymon
Section Erora
Tribe Catapaecilmatini Eliot, 1973
  • Catapaecilmini[sic?] ; [MRS, 638]
Section Catapaecilma
Section Acupicta
Tribe Aphnaeini
Section Aphnaeus
Section Pseudaletis
Section ?
Tribe Tomarini Eliot, 1973

[sp-1.jpg] 363x500 (~25Kb) Venezuela, Merida and the Sierra Nevada National Park, July 2002, Photo ę Simon Coombes

The exact identification of this species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

Unknown or unplaced taxa

11.9.2016 (2541)


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