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Durbaniella van Son, 1959
Durbaniella van Son, 1959; Novos Taxa ent., 16: 10, TS: Durbania clarki van Son
Durbaniella (Liptenini) ; Eliot, 1973, Bull. Br. Mus. nat. Hist. (Ent.) 28 (6) : 424
Durbaniella (Durbaniina) ; [AfrL]

Durbaniella clarki (van Son, 1941)
S.Cape. See [About maps] Durbania clarki van Son, 1941; J. ent. Soc. S. Afr. 4 : 183
Durbania clarki ; [BAFR, 428]
Durbaniella clarki ; [AfrL]
Durbaniella clarki clarki ; [AfrL]
D. c. belladonna Ball, 1994
Durbaniella clarki belladonna ; [AfrL]
D. c. jenniferae Ball, 1994
Durbaniella clarki jenniferae ; [AfrL]
D. c. phaea Ball, 1994
Durbaniella clarki phaea ; [AfrL]

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Mark C. Williams; Checklist of Afrotropical Papilionoidea and Hesperoidea; Compiled by Mark C. Williams, 7th ed. (2008) (April 2007); Afrototropical Butterflies; e-mail: Mark C. Williams
D'Abrera, 1980; Butterflies of the Afrotropical Region

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