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Polyommatinae Sinisiivet Blues Weak Blues

The following division of species into genus is a total mismash from various sources.

Tribe Candalidini Eliot, 1973
Tribe Niphandini Eliot, 1973
Tribe Lycaenesthini Ciliate Blues Hairtails
Tribe Polyommatini
Section Cupidopsis
Section Una
Section Petrelaea
Section Nacaduba
Section Prosotas
Section Theclinesthes
Section Thaumaina
Section Upolampes
Section Danis
Section Jamides
Section Catochrysops
Section Lampides
Section Callictita
Section Uranothauma
Section Phlyaria
Section Cacyreus
Section Leptotes
Section Castalius
Section Zintha
Section Zizeeria
Section Famegana
Section Actizera
Section Zizula
Section Brephidium
Section Everes
Section Pithecops
Section Azanus
Section Eicochrysops
Section Lycaenopsis
Section Glaucopsyche
Section Euchrysops
Section Polyommatus
Section ?

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