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Aseptis McDunnough, 1937
Aseptis McDunnough, 1937; 59, TS: Hadena genetrix Grote
Aseptis (Amphipyrinae) ; [POOLE]
Aseptis (Apameini) ; [NACL, 139]

Aseptis fumosa (Grote, 1879)
Colorado, .... See [About maps] Hadena fumosa Grote, 1879; 205, TL: Colorado
Aseptis fumosa, Pacific Northwest Moths [PNWM]
Aseptis fumosa, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis fumosa, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis fumosa ; [NACL, #9527]; [POOLE]

Aseptis catalina (Smith, 1899)
Arizona, .... See [About maps] Hadena catalina Smith, 1899; 261, TL: Arizona, Catalina Springs
Aseptis catalina, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis catalina, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis catalina, The Moths of Southeastern Arizona [Bruce Walsh]
Aseptis catalina ; [NACL, #9528]; [POOLE]

Aseptis perfumosa (Hampson, 1918)
California, .... See [About maps] Trachea perfumosa Hampson, 1918; 131, TL: California
Aseptis perfumosa, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis perfumosa, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis perfumosa ; [NACL, #9529]; [POOLE]

Aseptis fumeola (Hampson, 1908)
Arizona, .... See [About maps] Trachea fumeola Hampson, 1908; 186, pl. 112, f. 23, TL: Arizona, Pinal Mts.
Trachea probata Barnes & McDunnough, 1910; 153, TL: Arizona, Huachuca Mts.
= ; [NACL, #9530]; [POOLE]
Aseptis fumeola, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis fumeola, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis fumeola, The Moths of Southeastern Arizona [Bruce Walsh]
Aseptis fumeola ; [NACL, #9530]; [POOLE]

Aseptis ethnica (Smith, 1899)
California, .... See [About maps] Hadena ethnica Smith, 1899; 263, TL: California, Yosemite
Aseptis ethnica, Pacific Northwest Moths [PNWM]
Aseptis ethnica, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis ethnica, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis ethnica ; [NACL, #9531]; [POOLE]

Larva on Manzanita Smith, 1899, [POOLE]

Aseptis binotata (Walker, 1865)
British Columbia (Vancouver Island), .... See [About maps] Mamestra binotata Walker, 1865; 663, TL: Vancouver Island
Hadena extersa Walker, 1865; 728, TL: Vancouver Island
= ; [NACL, #9532]; [POOLE]
Miana rubiginosa Walker, 1865; 674, TL: Vancouver Island
= ; [NACL, #9532]; [POOLE]
Aseptis binotata, Pacific Northwest Moths [PNWM]
Aseptis binotata, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis binotata, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis binotata ; [NACL, #9532]; [POOLE]

Larva on Osmaronia, Symphoricarpus, Ribes Crumbs, 1956, [POOLE]

A. b. curvata (Grote, 1874)
California Hadena curvata Grote, 1874; 157, TL: California, Mendocino
= Aseptis binotata ; [POOLE]
Aseptis binotata curvata ; [NACL, #9532a]

Aseptis adnixa (Grote, 1880)
Nevada, .... See [About maps] Hadena adnixa Grote, 1880; 243, TL: Nevada
Aseptis adnixa, Pacific Northwest Moths [PNWM]
Aseptis adnixa, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis adnixa, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis adnixa ; [NACL, #9533]; [POOLE]

Larva on Osmaronia cerasiformis Crumb, 1956, [POOLE]

Aseptis paviae (Strecker, 1874)
California, .... See [About maps] Taeniocampa paviae Strecker, 1874; 94, TL: California
Hadena inconspicua Smith, 1893; 142, TL: [California]
= ; [NACL, #9534]; [POOLE]
Aseptis paviae, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis paviae, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis paviae ; [NACL, #9534]; [POOLE]

Aseptis pausis (Smith, 1899)
California, .... See [About maps] Hadena pausis Smith, 1899; 262, TL: California
Aseptis pausis, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis pausis, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis pausis ; [NACL, #9535]; [POOLE]

Aseptis genetrix (Grote, 1878)
Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada, ..... See [About maps] Hadena genetrix Grote, 1878
Aseptis genetrix, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis genetrix ; [NACL, #9536]; [POOLE]

Aseptis dilara (Strecker, 1899)
Colorado, .... See [About maps] Hadena dilara Strecker, 1899; 7, TL: Colorado
Aseptis dilara, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis dilara ; [NACL, #9537]; [POOLE]

Aseptis cara (Barnes & McDunnough, 1918)
Utah, .... See [About maps] Trachea cara Barnes & McDunnough, 1918; 52, TL: Utah, Provo; Eureka
Aseptis cara, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis cara ; [NACL, #9538]; [POOLE]

Aseptis susquesa (Smith, 1908)
California, .... See [About maps] Hadena susquesa Smith, 1908; 116, TL: California, Claremont
Aseptis susquesa, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis susquesa, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis susquesa ; [NACL, #9539]; [POOLE]

Aseptis monica (Barnes & McDunnough, 1918)
Arizona, .... See [About maps] Trachea monica Barnes & McDunnough, 1918; 104, pl. 15, f. 9, TL: Arizona, Redington
Aseptis monica, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis monica, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis monica ; [NACL, #9540]; [POOLE]

Aseptis serrula (Barnes & McDunnough, 1918)
California, .... See [About maps] Trachea serrula Barnes & McDunnough, 1918; 104, pl. 16, f. 7, TL: California, Riverside Co., Palm Springs
Aseptis serrula, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis serrula, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis serrula ; [NACL, #9541]

Aseptis bultata (Smith, 1906)
Colorado, .... See [About maps] Hadena bultata Smith, 1906; 228, TL: Colorado, Glenwood Springs
Aseptis bultata, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis bultata ; [NACL, #9542]; [POOLE]

Aseptis characta (Grote, 1880)
Nevada, .... See [About maps] Hadena characta Grote, 1880; 243, TL: Nevada
Aseptis characta, Pacific Northwest Moths [PNWM]
Aseptis characta, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Aseptis characta, Noctuid Search (record) [NOCTS]
Aseptis characta, The Moths of Southeastern Arizona [Bruce Walsh]
Aseptis characta ; [NACL, #9543]; [POOLE]

Larva on Artemisia Crumb, 1956, [POOLE]

A. c. erica (Smith, 1905)
Utah, ... Hadena erica Smith, 1905; 258, TL: Utah, Stockton
Aseptis characta erica ; [NACL, #9543a]
A. c. luteocinerea (Smith, 1900)
Montana, ... Hadena luteocinerea Smith, 1900; 468, TL: Montana
= Aseptis characta ; [POOLE]
Aseptis characta luteocinerea ; [NACL, #9543b]
A. c. pluraloides (McDunnough, 1922)
Alberta, ... Trachea pluraloides McDunnough, 1922; 237, TL: Alberta, Lethbridge
= Aseptis characta ; [POOLE]
Aseptis characta pluraloides ; [NACL, #9543c]

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