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Brithysana Viette, 1963
Brithysana Viette, 1963; 238, TS: Polia maura Saalmüller
Brithysana (Hadeninae) ; [POOLE]
Brithysana (Glottulini) ; [NE9, 236]

Brithysana africana Laporte, 1973
Cameroon, .... See [About maps] Brithysana africana Laporte, 1973; 1485, f. 1, TL: Cameroon, Kounden Plateau, 20km NE of Foumbot
Brithysana africana ; [POOLE]

Brithysana maura (Saalmüller, 1891)
Madagascar. See [About maps] Polia maura Saalmüller, 1891; 308, f. 235, TL: Madagascar
Brithysana maura ; [POOLE]

Brithysana pauliani Viette, 1967
Madagascar. See [About maps] Brithysana pauliani Viette, 1967; 264, TL: Madagascar, Tsaratanana Massif, Piste de Mangindrano, to Maromokotra, south of Piton Cote
Brithysana pauliani ; [POOLE]

Brithysana speyeri (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1874)
South Africa, .... See [About maps] Trigonophora speyeri Felder & Rogenhofer, 1874; pl. 110, f. 15, TL: Queenstown
Brithysana speyeri ; [POOLE]

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Fibiger & Hacker, 2007; Noctuidae Europaeae 9: 410pp; Amphipyrinae, Condicinae, Eriopinae, Xyleninae (Part)
Poole, 1989; Lepidopterorum catalogus (n.s.) 118 - Noctuidae

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