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Hesperopsis Dyar, 1905
Hesperopsis Dyar, 1905; J. N.Y. ent. Soc. 13 : 118, TS: Thanaos alpheus Edwards
Hesperopsis (Pyrgini) ; [NL4A, 49]

Hesperopsis alpheus (Edwards, 1876)
New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico. See [About maps] Saltbush Sootywing
Thanaos alpheus Edwards, 1876; Trans. amer. ent. Soc. 5 : 206, TL: New Mexico
Hesperopsis alpheus alpheus, Listing of Mexican Butterflies [ILMB]
Hesperopsis alpheus alpheus, Butterflies of America [BOA]
Hesperopsis alpheus, Butterflies and Moths of North America [BAMONA]
?Pholisora aepheus[sic] ; [BOW: pl. 22, f. 23]
Pholisora alpheus ; Godman & Salvin, [1897], Biol. centr.-amer., Lep. Rhop. 2: 442, 3: pl. 90, f. 15; Dyar, 1903, Bull. U.S. nat. Mus. 52 : 59; [NACL, #3980]
Hesperopsis alpheus ; [NL4A, #809]; [Opler]

Larva on Atriplex canescens [NAB]

New Mexico, Mexico alphaeus ; Dyar, 1905, (missp.)
Hesperopsis alpheus alpheus ; [NL4A, #809a]
H. a. oricus (Edwards, 1879)
Nevada, Arizona Pholisora alpheus oricus Edwards, 1879; (?1876), TL: Carson Valley, Douglas Co., Nevada
Hesperopsis arizonensis Mabille & Boullet, 1917; , TL: Arizona
= ; [NL4A, #809b]
Pholisora alpheus oricus ; [NACL, #3980a]
Hesperopsis alpheus oricus ; [NL4A, #809b]
H. a. texana (Scott, 1981)
Mexico Pholisora alpheus texana Scott, 1981
Hesperopsis alpheus texana, Listing of Mexican Butterflies [ILMB]
Hesperopsis alpheus texana, Butterflies of America [BOA]
Hesperopsis alpheus texana ;

Hesperopsis gracielae (MacNeill, 1970)
Mexico (Baja?), California. See [About maps] 'McNeil's' Saltbush Sootywing
Pholisora gracielae MacNeill, 1970; Ent. News 81 (7): (177-184) , TL: California
Hesperopsis gracielae, Listing of Mexican Butterflies [ILMB]
Hesperopsis gracielae, Butterflies of America [BOA]
Hesperopsis gracielae, Butterflies and Moths of North America [BAMONA]
Hesperopsis alpheus gracielae ;
graciliae ; Wiesenborn, 1997, (missp.)
Pholisora gracielae ; [NACL, #3981]
Hesperopsis gracielae ; [NL4A, #810]; [Opler]

Hesperopsis libya (Scudder, 1878)
Nevada - California, Mexico. See [About maps] Mojave Sootywing Great Basin Sootywing Lena Sooty Wing Mohave Sootywing
Heteropterus libya Scudder, 1878; Bull. U.S. Geol. Surv. 4 (1) : 258, TL: Arizona
Hesperopsis libya libya, Listing of Mexican Butterflies [ILMB]
Hesperopsis libya, Butterflies of America [BOA]
Hesperopsis libya, Butterflies and Moths of North America [BAMONA]
Hesperopsis libya libya, Butterflies of Southeastern Arizon [Bruce Walsh]
Pholisora libya ; Dyar, 1903, Bull. U.S. nat. Mus. 52 : 59; [BOW: pl. 22, f. 23 (text)]; [NACL, #3979]
Hesperopsis libya ; [BOC, 63]; [NL4A, #811]; [Opler]

Larva on Atriplex canescens [NAB]

Arizona, ... Hesperopsis libya libya ; [NL4A, #811a]
H. l. lena (Edwards, 1882)
Ancyloxypha lena Edwards, 1882; Can. Ent. 14 (1) : 5, TL: Miles City
Pholisora lena ; Dyar, 1903, Bull. U.S. nat. Mus. 52 : 59
Pholisora libya lena ; [NACL, #3979a]
Hesperopsis libya lena ; [BOC, 63]
H. l. joaquina Emmel, Emmel & Mattoon, 1998
California Hesperopsis libya joaquina Emmel, Emmel & Mattoon, 1998; , TL: Kern Co., California

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