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Hesperiidae Latreille, 1809
Paksupäät Hesperider, Tjockhuvudfjärilar Skippers
Hesperiidae, Lepidoptera collection [SZMN]
Hesperiidae, Butterflies and Moths of North America [BAMONA]
Hesperiidae, Norges Sommerfugler [NORLEP]
Hesperiidae (Hesperioidea) ; [NACL, 42]; [NL4A, 25]
Hesperiidae (Papilionoidea) ; van Nieukerken et al., 2011, Zootaxa 3148 : 216
Pyrrhopyginae — 163 spp.
Coeliadinae Policemen — 90 spp.
fi Pyrginae Flats Grizzled Skippers Dicot Skippers Spread-wing Skippers — 1416 spp.
fi Heteropterinae Grass Skippers Different-winged Skippers — 192 spp.
fi Hesperiinae Grass Skippers Monocot Skippers Folded-winged Skippers — 2021 spp.
Trapezitinae — 75 spp.
Megathyminae — 40 spp.

[sp-1.jpg] 500x326 (~60Kb) Venezuela, Parai Tepui near Mount Roraima in the Gran Sabana, July 2002, Photo © Simon Coombes

The exact identification of this species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

Unknown or unplaced taxa

Hesperilla bifasciata Tepper, 1882

22.1.2013 (3997)

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Norges Sommerfugler
Lepidoptera; Siberian Zoological Museum
[Simon Coombes]
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Some related literature:
van Nieukerken et al., 2011
in Zhang (Ed.), Animal biodiversity: An outline of higher-level classification and survey of taxonomic richness. Order Lepidoptera Linnaeus, 1758 Zootaxa 3148 : 212-221

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