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Aeolochroma Prout, 1912
Aeolochroma Prout, 1912; Gen. Insect. 129: 11 (key), 35, TS: Hypochroma turneri Lucas
Aeolochroma (Geometrinae) ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma prasina (Warren, 1896)
Fergusson I., Ceram Actenochroma prasina Warren, 1896; Novit. zool. 3 : 282, TL: Fergussion Isl.
Actenochroma prasina ab. suffusa Warren, 1896; Novit. zool. 3 : 283, TL: Fergusson Isl.
Acolachroma[sic] suffusa ; Rothschild, 1915, Novit. Zool. 22 (1): 119

Aeolochroma viridicata (Lucas, 1890)
AU. See [About maps] Hypochroma viridicata Lucas, 1890
Aeolochroma viridicata, Lepidoptera Larvae of Australia [Don Herbison-Evans]
Aeolochroma viridicata ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma hypochromaria (Guenée, 1857)
AU. See [About maps] Cleora hypochromaria Guenée, 1857
Pseudoterpna bryophanes Turner, 1904
= ; [AUCL]
Aeolochroma caledonica Holloway, 1979
= ; [AUCL]
Aeolochroma hypochromaria, Lepidoptera Larvae of Australia [Don Herbison-Evans]
Aeolochroma hypochromaria ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma subrubescens (Warren, 1896)
AU. See [About maps] Hypochroma subrubescens Warren, 1896
Aeolochroma subrubescens ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma unitaria (Walker, 1860)
AU. See [About maps] Tephrosia unitaria Walker, 1860
Aeolochroma unitaria ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma acanthina (Meyrick, 1888)
AU. See [About maps] Hypochroma acanthina Meyrick, 1888
Aeolochroma acanthina ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma saturataria (Walker, 1866)
AU. See [About maps] Hypochroma saturataria Walker, 1866
Actenochroma caesia Warren, 1896
= ; [AUCL]
Hypochroma perfulvata Warren, 1899
= ; [AUCL]
perviridata (Warren, 1903) (Hypochroma); (infrasubsp.)
= ; [AUCL]
Aeolochroma saturataria ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma mniaria (Goldfinch, 1929)
AU. See [About maps] Terpna[sic] mniaria Goldfinch, 1929
Aeolochroma mniaria, Lepidoptera Larvae of Australia [Don Herbison-Evans]
Aeolochroma mniaria ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma rhodochlora (Goldfinch, 1929)
AU. See [About maps] Terpna[sic] rhodochlora Goldfinch, 1929
Aeolochroma rhodochlora ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma olivia (Goldfinch, 1943)
AU. See [About maps] Terpna[sic] olivia Goldfinch, 1943
Aeolochroma olivia ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma metarhodata (Walker, [1863])
AU. See [About maps] Scotosia metarhodata Walker, [1863]
Aeolochroma metarhodata, Lepidoptera Larvae of Australia [Don Herbison-Evans]
Aeolochroma metarhodata ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma quadrilinea (Lucas, 1892)
AU. See [About maps] Hypochroma quadrilinea Lucas, 1892
Actenochroma ochrea Warren, 1896
= ; [AUCL]
Aeolochroma quadrilinea ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma melaleucae (Goldfinch, 1929)
AU. See [About maps] Terpna[sic] melaleucae Goldfinch, 1929
melaleuca ; Prout, 1934, (missp.)
Aeolochroma melaleucae ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma turneri (Lucas, 1890)
Australia (Queensland). See [About maps] Hypochroma turneri Lucas, 1890; Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W. (2) 4 (4) : 1096, TL: Queensland, Mackay
Aeolochroma turneri, Lepidoptera Larvae of Australia [Don Herbison-Evans]
Aeolochroma turneri ; [AUCL]

Aeolochroma pammiges (Turner, 1941)
AU. See [About maps] Terpna[sic] pammiges Turner, 1941
Aeolochroma pammiges ; [AUCL]

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Nielsen & Rangsi, 1996; Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Australia; CSIRO, Australia
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[Don Herbison-Evans]
and Stella A. Crossley; Lepidoptera Larvae of Australia; e-mail: Don Herbison-Evans; e-mail: Don Herbison-Evans

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