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Cephus Latreille, 1802
Cephus Latreille, 1802; Hist. Nat. Crust. Ins. 3: 303, TS: Sirex pygmeus Linnaeus
Astatus Jurine, 1801; Intell. Blatt Litt.-Ztg, Erlangen 1: 162 (invalid, ICZN 135)
Cephus ; [MVi3, 53]

Cephus pygmeus (Linnaeus, 1767)
S.Sweden, Denmark, C.Europe, S.Europe, Asia Minor, C.Asia, China, imported (N.America). See [About maps] Olkikorsiainen Olkipistiäinen
Sirex pygmeus Linnaeus, 1767; Syst. Nat. (Edn 12) 1 (2): 929
Cephus pygmaeus auctt.;
Cephus pygmeus ; [MVi3, 54]

Larva on Agropyron, Avena, Bromus, Hordeum, Phleum, Secale, Triticum [MVi3]

fiCephus cultratus Eversmann, 1847
Europe - C.Asia?, Siberia?. See [About maps] Heinäkorsiainen
Cephus cultratus Eversmann, 1847; Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat Moscou 20 (1) : 64
Cephus pilosus Thomson, 1871; Hymenoptera Scandinaviae 1: 323
Cephus cultratus ; [MVi3, 54]

Larva on Phleum pratense, Dactylis glomerata, Calamagrostis [MVi3]

fiCephus fumipennis Eversmann, 1847
from (NEU, C.Europe) - Urals - east?. See [About maps] Helpikorsiainen
Cephus fumipennis Eversmann, 1847; Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat Moscou 20 (1) : 65
?Cephus infuscatus André, 1879; Spec. Hym. Eur. 1: 530 ([1881?])
Cephus fumipennis ; [MVi3, 55]

Larva on Phalaris arundinacea [MVi3]

fiCephus nigrinus Thomson, 1871
from (NEU, C.Europe) - Siberia (Irkutsk). See [About maps] Mustakorsiainen
Cephus nigrinus Thomson, 1871; Hymenoptera Scandinaviae 1: 322
Cephus nigrinus ; [MVi3, 56]

Larva on Milium effusum, Poa pratensis [MVi3]

fiCephus brachycercus Thomson, 1871
Europe - Siberia (Irkutsk), Caucasus, C.Asia. See [About maps] Täpläkorsiainen
Cephus brachycercus Thomson, 1871; Hymenoptera Scandinaviae 1: 322
Cephus brachycercus ; [MVi3, 56]

Cephus cinctus Norton, 1872
N.America. See [About maps]

Larva on Triticum, (and other cultivated) [MVi3]

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Some related literature:
Eversmann, 1847
Fauna Hymenopterologia Volgo-Uralensis exhibens Hymenopterum species quas in provinciis Volgam fluvium inter et montes Uralenses sitis observavit et nung descripsit Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat Moscou 20 (1) : 3-68
Latreille, 1802
Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière des crustacés et des insectes. Ouvrage faisant suite a l'histoire naturelle générale et particuliére, composée par Leclerc de Buffon, et redigée par C. S. Sonnini, member de plusieurs sociétés savantes Hist. Nat. Crust. Ins. 3: 1-468
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Thomson, 1871
Tenthredo et Sirex Lin. Hymenoptera Scandinaviae 1: 1-342

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