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Pediculus Linnaeus, 1758
Pediculus Linnaeus, 1758; [FiOm, 19]

Pediculus humanus Linnaeus, 1758
Pediculus humanus ; [FiOm, 19]; [EHO, 100]
[humanus-1.jpg] 510x595 (~73Kb) Russia, Moscow, 24.3.2008, Photo © D. Smirnov

Pediculus humanus humanus ; [EHO, 100]
fiP. h. capitis Degeer, 1778
päätäi head louse
Pediculus capitis Degeer, 1778
Pediculus capitis ; [FiOm, 19]
Pediculus humanus capitis ; [EHO, 100]

11.10.2008 (1)

[D. Smirnov]
Russia, Moscow; e-mail: D. Smirnov
Chinery; Collins Guide to the Insects of Britain and Western Europe; Finnish edition: Larry Huldén, Lauri Kaila, Hans Silfverberg; Euroopan Hyönteisopas; ISBN 951-1-12880-9
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