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Athene Boie, 1822
Athene (Surniinae) ; [AVTAX]

Athene noctua (Scopoli, 1769)
Minervanpöllö Little Owl
Athene noctua ; [AVTAX]
A. n. bactriana Blyth, 1847
Athene noctua bactriana ; [AVTAX]
A. n. glaux (Savigny, 1809)
Athene noctua glaux ; [AVTAX]
A. n. impasta Bangs & Peters, 1928
Athene noctua impasta ; [AVTAX]
A. n. indigena Brehm, 1855
Athene noctua indigena ; [AVTAX]
A. n. lilith Hartert, 1913
Athene noctua lilith ; [AVTAX]
A. n. ludlowi Baker, 1926
Athene noctua ludlowi ; [AVTAX]
Athene noctua noctua ; [AVTAX]
A. n. orientalis Severtzov, 1873
Athene noctua orientalis ; [AVTAX]
A. n. plumipes Swinhoe, 1870
Athene noctua plumipes ; [AVTAX]
A. n. saharae (Kleinschmidt, 1909)
Athene noctua saharae ; [AVTAX]
A. n. somaliensis Reichenow, 1905
Athene noctua somaliensis ; [AVTAX]
A. n. spilogastra (Heuglin, 1869)
Athene noctua spilogastra ; [AVTAX]
A. n. vidalii Brehm, 1857
Athene noctua vidalii ; [AVTAX]

Athene brama (Temminck, 1821)
Athene brama ; [AVTAX]
Athene brama brama ; [AVTAX]
A. b. indica (Franklin, 1831)
Athene brama indica ; [AVTAX]
A. b. mayri Deignan, 1941
Athene brama mayri ; [AVTAX]
A. b. pulchra Hume, 1873
Athene brama pulchra ; [AVTAX]
A. b. ultra Ripley, 1948
Athene brama ultra ; [AVTAX]

Athene cunicularia (Molina, 1782)
Athene cunicularia ; [AVTAX]
A. c. amaura (Lawrence, 1878)
Athene cunicularia amaura† ; [AVTAX]
A. c. apurensis (Gilliard, 1940)
Athene cunicularia apurensis ; [AVTAX]
A. c. arubensis (Cory, 1915)
Athene cunicularia arubensis ; [AVTAX]
A. c. boliviana (Kelso, 1939)
Athene cunicularia boliviana ; [AVTAX]
A. c. brachyptera (Richmond, 1896)
Athene cunicularia brachyptera ; [AVTAX]
A. c. carrikeri (Stone, 1922)
Athene cunicularia carrikeri ; [AVTAX]
Athene cunicularia cunicularia ; [AVTAX]
A. c. floridana (Ridgway, 1874)
Athene cunicularia floridana ; [AVTAX]
A. c. grallaria (Temminck, 1822)
Athene cunicularia grallaria ; [AVTAX]
A. c. guadeloupensis (Ridgway, 1874)
Athene cunicularia guadeloupensis† ; [AVTAX]
A. c. guantanamensis (Garrido, 2001)
Athene cunicularia guantanamensis ; [AVTAX]
A. c. hypugaea (Bonaparte, 1825)
Athene cunicularia hypugaea ; [AVTAX]
A. c. intermedia (Cory, 1915)
Athene cunicularia intermedia ; [AVTAX]
A. c. juninensis (Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1902)
Athene cunicularia juninensis ; [AVTAX]
A. c. minor (Cory, 1918)
Athene cunicularia minor ; [AVTAX]
A. c. nanodes (Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1892)
Athene cunicularia nanodes ; [AVTAX]
A. c. partridgei Olrog, 1976
Athene cunicularia partridgei ; [AVTAX]
A. c. pichinchae (Boetticher, 1929)
Athene cunicularia pichinchae ; [AVTAX]
A. c. punensis (Chapman, 1914)
Athene cunicularia punensis ; [AVTAX]
A. c. rostrata (Townsend, 1890)
Athene cunicularia rostrata ; [AVTAX]
A. c. tolimae (Stone, 1899)
Athene cunicularia tolimae ; [AVTAX]
A. c. troglodytes (Wetmore & Swales, 1931)
Athene cunicularia troglodytes ; [AVTAX]

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