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Picus Linnaeus, 1758
Picus (Picumninae) ; [AVTAX]

Picus chlorolophus Vieillot, 1818
Picus chlorolophus ; [AVTAX]
P. c. annamensis Meinertzhagen, 1924
Picus chlorolophus annamensis ; [AVTAX]
P. c. chlorigaster Jerdon, 1845
Picus chlorolophus chlorigaster ; [AVTAX]
Picus chlorolophus chlorolophus ; [AVTAX]
P. c. citrinocristatus (Rickett, 1901)
Picus chlorolophus citrinocristatus ; [AVTAX]
P. c. laotianus Delacour, 1926
Picus chlorolophus laotianus ; [AVTAX]
P. c. longipennis (Hartert, 1910)
Picus chlorolophus longipennis ; [AVTAX]
P. c. rodgeri (Hartert & Butler, 1898)
Picus chlorolophus rodgeri ; [AVTAX]
P. c. simlae Meinertzhagen, 1924
Picus chlorolophus simlae ; [AVTAX]
P. c. vanheysti (Robinson & Kloss, 1919)
Picus chlorolophus vanheysti ; [AVTAX]
P. c. wellsi Meinertzhagen, 1924
Picus chlorolophus wellsi ; [AVTAX]

Picus puniceus Horsfield, 1821
Picus puniceus ; [AVTAX]
P. p. observandus (Hartert, 1896)
Picus puniceus observandus ; [AVTAX]
Picus puniceus puniceus ; [AVTAX]
P. p. soligae Meyer de Schauensee & Ripley, 1940
Picus puniceus soligae ; [AVTAX]

Picus viridanus Blyth, 1843
Picus viridanus ; [AVTAX]
Picus viridanus viridanus ; [AVTAX]
P. v. weberi (Muller, 1882)
Picus viridanus weberi ; [AVTAX]

Picus vittatus Vieillot, 1818
Picus vittatus ; [AVTAX]
P. v. connectens (Robinson & Kloss, 1919)
Picus vittatus connectens ; [AVTAX]
P. v. eisenhoferi Gyldenstolpe, 1916
Picus vittatus eisenhoferi ; [AVTAX]
P. v. eurous Deignan, 1955
Picus vittatus eurous ; [AVTAX]
Picus vittatus vittatus ; [AVTAX]

Picus xanthopygaeus (Gray & Gray, 1847)
Picus xanthopygaeus ; [AVTAX]

Picus squamatus Vigors, 1831
Scaly-bellien Green Woodpecker
Picus squamatus ; [AVTAX]
P. s. flavirostris (Menzbier, 1886)
Picus squamatus flavirostris ; [AVTAX]
Picus squamatus squamatus ; [AVTAX]

Picus awokera Temminck, 1836
Picus awokera ; [AVTAX]
Picus awokera awokera ; [AVTAX]
P. a. horii Taka-Tsukasa, 1918
Picus awokera horii ; [AVTAX]
P. a. takatsukasae Kuroda, 1921
Picus awokera takatsukasae ; [AVTAX]

fiPicus viridis Linnaeus, 1758
Vihertikka Green Woodpecker Eurasian Green Woodpecker
Picus viridis ; [AVTAX]
[viridis-1.jpg] 474x665 (~95Kb) Russia, Moscow area, 27.4.2008, Photo © D. Smirnov

P. v. innominatus (Zarudny & Loudon, 1905)
Picus viridis innominatus ; [AVTAX]
P. v. karelini Brandt, 1841
Picus viridis karelini ; [AVTAX]
P. v. sharpei (Saunders, 1872)
Picus viridis sharpei ; [AVTAX]
Picus viridis viridis ; [AVTAX]

Picus vaillantii (Malherbe, 1847)
Picus vaillantii ; [AVTAX]

Picus rabieri (Oustalet, 1898)
Picus rabieri ; [AVTAX]

Picus erythropygius (Elliot, 1865)
Picus erythropygius ; [AVTAX]
Picus erythropygius erythropygius ; [AVTAX]
P. e. nigrigenis (Hume, 1874)
Picus erythropygius nigrigenis ; [AVTAX]

fiPicus canus Gmelin, 1788
Harmaapäätikka Grey-headed Woodpecker Grey-faced Woodpecker Grey-headed Green Woodpecker
Picus canus ; [AVTAX]
Picus canus canus ; [AVTAX]
P. c. dedemi (Oort, 1911)
Picus canus dedemi ; [AVTAX]
P. c. guerini (Malherbe, 1849)
Picus canus guerini ; [AVTAX]
P. c. hessei Gyldenstolpe, 1916
Picus canus hessei ; [AVTAX]
P. c. jessoensis Stejneger, 1886
Picus canus jessoensis ; [AVTAX]
P. c. kogo (Bianchi, 1906)
Picus canus kogo ; [AVTAX]
P. c. robinsoni (Ogilvie-Grant, 1906)
Picus canus robinsoni ; [AVTAX]
P. c. sanguiniceps Baker, 1926
Picus canus sanguiniceps ; [AVTAX]
P. c. sobrinus Peters, 1948
Picus canus sobrinus ; [AVTAX]
P. c. sordidior (Rippon, 1906)
Picus canus sordidior ; [AVTAX]
P. c. tancolo (Gould, 1863)
Picus canus tancolo ; [AVTAX]

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