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Chalcomitra Reichenbach, 1853
Chalcomitra (Nectariniidae) ; [AVTAX]

Chalcomitra adelberti (Gervais, 1834)
Chalcomitra adelberti ; [AVTAX]
Chalcomitra adelberti adelberti ; [AVTAX]
C. a. eboensis (Jardine, 1842)
Chalcomitra adelberti eboensis ; [AVTAX]

Chalcomitra fuliginosa (Bechstein, 1811)
Chalcomitra fuliginosa ; [AVTAX]
C. f. aurea (Lesson, 1847)
Chalcomitra fuliginosa aurea ; [AVTAX]
Chalcomitra fuliginosa fuliginosa ; [AVTAX]

Chalcomitra rubescens (Vieillot, 1819)
Chalcomitra rubescens ; [AVTAX]
C. r. crossensis Serle, 1963
Chalcomitra rubescens crossensis ; [AVTAX]
Chalcomitra rubescens rubescens ; [AVTAX]
C. r. stangerii (Jardine, 1842)
Chalcomitra rubescens stangerii ; [AVTAX]

Chalcomitra amethystina (Shaw, 1812)
Chalcomitra amethystina ; [AVTAX]
C. a. adjuncta (Clancey, 1975)
Chalcomitra amethystina adjuncta ; [AVTAX]
Chalcomitra amethystina amethystina ; [AVTAX]
C. a. deminuta Cabanis, 1880
Chalcomitra amethystina deminuta ; [AVTAX]
C. a. doggetti (Sharpe, 1902)
Chalcomitra amethystina doggetti ; [AVTAX]
C. a. kalckreuthi (Cabanis, 1878)
Chalcomitra amethystina kalckreuthi ; [AVTAX]
C. a. kirkii (Shelley, 1876)
Chalcomitra amethystina kirkii ; [AVTAX]

Chalcomitra senegalensis (Linnaeus, 1766)
Chalcomitra senegalensis ; [AVTAX]
C. s. acik (Hartmann, 1866)
Chalcomitra senegalensis acik ; [AVTAX]
C. s. gutturalis (Linnaeus, 1766)
Chalcomitra senegalensis gutturalis ; [AVTAX]
C. s. lamperti (Reichenow, 1897)
Chalcomitra senegalensis lamperti ; [AVTAX]
C. s. proteus (Ruppell, 1840)
Chalcomitra senegalensis proteus ; [AVTAX]
Chalcomitra senegalensis senegalensis ; [AVTAX]
C. s. saturatior (Reichenow, 1891)
Chalcomitra senegalensis saturatior ; [AVTAX]

Chalcomitra hunteri (Shelley, 1889)
Chalcomitra hunteri ; [AVTAX]

Chalcomitra balfouri (Sclater & Hartlaub, 1881)
Chalcomitra balfouri ; [AVTAX]

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