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Anthreptes Swainson, 1832
Anthreptes (Nectariniidae) ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes reichenowi Gunning, 1909
Anthreptes reichenowi ; [AVTAX]
Anthreptes reichenowi reichenowi ; [AVTAX]
A. r. yokanae Hartert, 1921
Anthreptes reichenowi yokanae ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes anchietae (Bocage, 1878)
Anthreptes anchietae ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes simplex (Muller, 1843)
Anthreptes simplex ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes malacensis (Scopoli, 1786)
Anthreptes malacensis ; [AVTAX]
A. m. birgitae Salomonsen, 1953
Anthreptes malacensis birgitae ; [AVTAX]
A. m. bornensis Riley, 1920
Anthreptes malacensis bornensis ; [AVTAX]
A. m. cagayanensis Mearns, 1905
Anthreptes malacensis cagayanensis ; [AVTAX]
A. m. celebensis Shelley, 1878
Anthreptes malacensis celebensis ; [AVTAX]
A. m. chlorigaster Sharpe, 1877
Anthreptes malacensis chlorigaster ; [AVTAX]
A. m. convergens Rensch, 1929
Anthreptes malacensis convergens ; [AVTAX]
A. m. extremus Mees, 1966
Anthreptes malacensis extremus ; [AVTAX]
A. m. heliocalus Oberholser, 1923
Anthreptes malacensis heliocalus ; [AVTAX]
A. m. heliolusius Oberholser, 1923
Anthreptes malacensis heliolusius ; [AVTAX]
A. m. iris Parkes, 1971
Anthreptes malacensis iris ; [AVTAX]
Anthreptes malacensis malacensis ; [AVTAX]
A. m. mjobergi Bangs & Peters, 1927
Anthreptes malacensis mjobergi ; [AVTAX]
Anthreptes malacensis nesophilus ; [AVTAX]
A. m. paraguae Riley, 1920
Anthreptes malacensis paraguae ; [AVTAX]
A. m. rubrigena Rensch, 1931
Anthreptes malacensis rubrigena ; [AVTAX]
A. m. wiglesworthi Hartert, 1902
Anthreptes malacensis wiglesworthi ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes griseigularis Tweeddale, 1878
Anthreptes griseigularis ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes rhodolaemus Shelley, 1878
Anthreptes rhodolaemus ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes gabonicus (Hartlaub, 1861)
Anthreptes gabonicus ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes longuemarei (Lesson, 1831)
Anthreptes longuemarei ; [AVTAX]
A. l. angolensis Neumann, 1906
Anthreptes longuemarei angolensis ; [AVTAX]
Anthreptes longuemarei longuemarei ; [AVTAX]
A. l. nyassae Neumann, 1906
Anthreptes longuemarei nyassae ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes orientalis Hartlaub, 1880
Anthreptes orientalis ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes neglectus Neumann, 1922
Anthreptes neglectus ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes aurantius Verreaux & Verreaux, 1851
Anthreptes aurantius ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes seimundi (Ogilvie-Grant, 1908)
Anthreptes seimundi ; [AVTAX]
A. s. kruensis (Bannerman, 1911)
Anthreptes seimundi kruensis ; [AVTAX]
A. s. minor Bates, 1926
Anthreptes seimundi minor ; [AVTAX]
Anthreptes seimundi seimundi ; [AVTAX]

Anthreptes rectirostris (Shaw, 1812)
Anthreptes rectirostris ; [AVTAX]
Anthreptes rectirostris rectirostris ; [AVTAX]
A. r. tephrolaemus (Jardine & Fraser, 1851)
Anthreptes rectirostris tephrolaemus ; [AVTAX]

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