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Columba Linnaeus, 1758
Columba (Columbinae) ; [AVTAX]

fiColumba livia Gmelin, 1789
Kesykyyhky Rock Dove Rock Pigeon
Columba livia ; [AVTAX]
[livia-1.jpg] 900x648 (~79Kb) USA: Green Lake, Seattle, King Co., WA, 20.6.2000, Photo Markku Savela
a "breed" of domestic pigeon det. John Pire

C. l. dakhlae Meinertzhagen, 1928
Columba livia dakhlae ; [AVTAX]
C. l. gaddi Zarudny & Loudon, 1906
Columba livia gaddi ; [AVTAX]
C. l. gymnocycla Gray, 1856
Columba livia gymnocycla ; [AVTAX]
C. l. intermedia Strickland, 1844
Columba livia intermedia ; [AVTAX]
Columba livia livia ; [AVTAX]
C. l. neglecta Hume, 1873
Columba livia neglecta ; [AVTAX]
C. l. palaestinae Zedlitz, 1912
Columba livia palaestinae ; [AVTAX]
C. l. schimperi Bonaparte, 1854
Columba livia schimperi ; [AVTAX]
C. l. targia Geyr von Schweppenburg, 1916
Columba livia targia ; [AVTAX]

Columba rupestris Pallas, 1811
Hill Pigeon
Columba rupestris ; [AVTAX]
Columba rupestris rupestris ; [AVTAX]
C. r. turkestanica Buturlin, 1908
Columba rupestris turkestanica ; [AVTAX]

Columba leuconota Vigors, 1831
Altai, Pamirs, Kazakhstan. See [About maps] Snow Pigeon
Columba leuconota ; [AVTAX]
C. l. gradaria Hartert, 1916
Columba leuconota gradaria ; [AVTAX]
Columba leuconota leuconota ; [AVTAX]

Columba guinea Linnaeus, 1758
Columba guinea ; [AVTAX]
Columba guinea guinea ; [AVTAX]
C. g. phaeonota Gray, 1856
Columba guinea phaeonota ; [AVTAX]

Columba albitorques Ruppell, 1837
Columba albitorques ; [AVTAX]

fiColumba oenas Linnaeus, 1758
Uuttukyyhky Stock Dove Western Stock Pigeon
Columba oenas ; [AVTAX]
Columba oenas oenas ; [AVTAX]
C. o. yarkandensis Buturlin, 1908
Columba oenas yarkandensis ; [AVTAX]

Columba eversmanni Bonaparte, 1856
Kopet-Dagh, Aral Sea - W.Tadjhikistan, S.Iran (winters), Afghanistan, Hindustan. See [About maps] Eastern Stock Pigeon
Columba eversmanni ; [AVTAX]

Columba oliviae Clarke, 1918
Columba oliviae ; [AVTAX]

fiColumba palumbus Linnaeus, 1758
Sepelkyyhky Wood Pigeon
Columba palumbus ; [AVTAX]
[palumbus-1.jpg] 900x761 (~135Kb) Finland, N: Espoo, Tapiola, 13.6.2004, Photo Markku Savela [palumbus-2.jpg] 852x777 (~127Kb) Russia, Kaluga area, 09.05.2010 (3545'E, 5423'N), Photo D. Smirnov

C. p. azorica Hartert, 1905
Columba palumbus azorica ; [AVTAX]
C. p. casiotis (Bonaparte, 1854)
Columba palumbus casiotis ; [AVTAX]
C. p. excelsa (Bonaparte, 1856)
Columba palumbus excelsa ; [AVTAX]
C. p. iranica (Zarudny, 1910)
Columba palumbus iranica ; [AVTAX]
C. p. maderensis Tschusi, 1904
Columba palumbus maderensis† ; [AVTAX]
Columba palumbus palumbus ; [AVTAX]

Columba trocaz Heineken, 1829
Columba trocaz ; [AVTAX]

Columba bollii Godman, 1872
Columba bollii ; [AVTAX]

Columba junoniae Hartert, 1916
Laurel Pigeon
Columba junoniae ; [AVTAX]

Columba unicincta Cassin, 1860
Columba unicincta ; [AVTAX]

Columba arquatrix Temminck, 1808
Columba arquatrix ; [AVTAX]

Columba sjostedti Reichenow, 1901
Columba sjostedti ; [AVTAX]

Columba thomensis Bocage, 1888
Columba thomensis ; [AVTAX]

Columba pollenii Schlegel, 1865
Columba pollenii ; [AVTAX]

Columba hodgsonii Vigors, 1832
Columba hodgsonii ; [AVTAX]

Columba albinucha Sassi, 1911
Columba albinucha ; [AVTAX]

Columba pulchricollis Blyth, 1846
Columba pulchricollis ; [AVTAX]

Columba elphinstonii (Sykes, 1832)
Columba elphinstonii ; [AVTAX]

Columba torringtoniae (Kelaart, 1853)
Columba torringtoniae ; [AVTAX]

Columba punicea Blyth, 1842
Columba punicea ; [AVTAX]

Columba argentina Bonaparte, 1855
Columba argentina ; [AVTAX]

Columba palumboides (Hume, 1873)
Columba palumboides ; [AVTAX]

Columba janthina Temminck, 1830
Columba janthina ; [AVTAX]
Columba janthina janthina ; [AVTAX]
C. j. nitens (Stejneger, 1887)
Columba janthina nitens ; [AVTAX]
C. j. stejnegeri (Kuroda, 1923)
Columba janthina stejnegeri ; [AVTAX]

Columba versicolor Kittlitz, 1832
Columba versicolor† ; [AVTAX]

Columba jouyi (Stejneger, 1887)
Columba jouyi† ; [AVTAX]

Columba vitiensis Quoy & Gaimard, 1830
Columba vitiensis ; [AVTAX]
C. v. anthracina (Hachisuka, 1939)
Columba vitiensis anthracina ; [AVTAX]
C. v. castaneiceps Peale, 1848
Columba vitiensis castaneiceps ; [AVTAX]
C. v. griseogularis (Walden & Layard, 1872)
Columba vitiensis griseogularis ; [AVTAX]
C. v. halmaheira (Bonaparte, 1855)
Columba vitiensis halmaheira ; [AVTAX]
C. v. hypoenochroa (Gould, 1856)
Columba vitiensis hypoenochroa ; [AVTAX]
C. v. leopoldi (Tristram, 1879)
Columba vitiensis leopoldi ; [AVTAX]
C. v. metallica Temminck, 1835
Columba vitiensis metallica ; [AVTAX]
Columba vitiensis vitiensis ; [AVTAX]

Columba leucomela Temminck, 1821
Columba leucomela ; [AVTAX]

Columba pallidiceps (Ramsay, 1878)
Columba pallidiceps ; [AVTAX]

Columba delegorguei Delegorgue, 1847
Columba delegorguei ; [AVTAX]
Columba delegorguei delegorguei ; [AVTAX]
C. d. sharpei (Salvadori, 1893)
Columba delegorguei sharpei ; [AVTAX]

Columba iriditorques Cassin, 1856
Columba iriditorques ; [AVTAX]

Columba malherbii Verreaux,J & Verreaux, 1851
Columba malherbii ; [AVTAX]

Columba larvata Temminck, 1809
Columba larvata ; [AVTAX]
C. l. bronzina Ruppell, 1837
Columba larvata bronzina ; [AVTAX]
C. l. inornata (Reichenow, 1892)
Columba larvata inornata ; [AVTAX]
C. l. jacksoni (Sharpe, 1904)
Columba larvata jacksoni ; [AVTAX]
Columba larvata larvata ; [AVTAX]
C. l. principalis (Hartlaub, 1866)
Columba larvata principalis ; [AVTAX]
C. l. samaliyae (White, 1948)
Columba larvata samaliyae ; [AVTAX]
C. l. simplex (Hartlaub, 1849)
Columba larvata simplex ; [AVTAX]

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