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BRB - Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn

BRB - Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn is a touristic short cog wheel narrow gauge railroad, which takes rich tourists from the SBB-Brünig railroad, from the village of Brienz up to nice scenes of the peak of Rothorn. Their historic locomotive was the H 2/3, which they had 3 examples of, built in 1891-92 and with a maximum speed of 8,5 km/h. When they became finally unreliable in the 1970s, the BRB ordered diesel engines (3 pieces, Hm 2/2 from 1975-87, 13,5 tons, 5,25m - 14 km/h). It soon became clear that the tourists preferred the old style but unreliable steam engines. As a conclusion, the company finally gave in and ordered in 1992-96 three brand new steam engines (H 2/3 15,7 tons, 6,5m, 12 km/h), though oil fueled and perfectly modern. Steam engines make absolutely no real sense on mountain routes, but as long as the tourists are OK to pay a higher price for a steam ride, the Swiss are prepared to provide that !


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