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YSC - Chemin de Fer Yverdon - Ste-Croix

YSC - Chemin de Fer Yverdon - Ste-Croix is a small private railroad in the French speaking part of Switzerland, between the towns of Yverdon-les-Bains and Ste-Croix. Yverdon lies at the SBB main line between Zürich and Geneve and Ste-Croix is a small town close by, high up on the Jura mountain hillsides, so this is once again a classic case of Swiss style feeder traffic. The line is only 24 km long. It is a narrow gauge railroad with 1 m gauge width, but it is using the electricity system of "normal trains", 15 kV 16,7 Hz AC. The line was opened for traffic in 1893. YSC has one locomotive, the classic "narrow gauge Crocodile" shown below, two EMU wagons from 1945 and three EMUs from 1981.







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