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RhB - Rhätische Bahn

RhB or Rhätische Bahn or Viafier retica, Ferrovia retica, the railroad of Kanton Grischons (=Graubünden) is Europe´s biggest network of narrow gauge railroads. The base network is 376 km long, electrified with 11 kV AC, 16,7 Hz and has a gauge width of 1 metre. It was opened for traffic 1889. In addition to the basic network RhB has also other, smaller networks: the Berninabahn, also 1 metre wide but electrified with 1 kV DC, the Chur-Arosa line (1 metre, earlier 2 kV DC, now converted to AC) and also a minor line from Bellinzona (1 metre, 1,5kV DC). RhB has about 60 locomotives and numerous EMUs and it operates some of the most famous mountain railroads of the world. Names like Glacier Express or Bernina Express have been widely known for decades and also the newer "Rollende Landstrasse" through-the-mountains service of the Vereina tunnel line has rapidly gained popularity and fame.




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