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RVO, Regionalverkehr Oberaargau,
OSST-Gruppe - Oberaargau-Solothurn-Seeland-Transport

RVO or Regionalverkehr Oberaargau is the marketing name used by buses and trains in the regions of Solothurn and Oberaargau in a small part of the Kantons Aargau and Solothurn, central Swiss flatland. In practise the trains are owned by a group of two small companies, belonging to the OSST Gruppe or Oberaargau-Solothurn-Seeland-Transport.

The "real" RVO line (ex. OJB) is a stretch of 16 km of 1 metre gauge width narrow gauge railroad, electrified with 1200V DC. It was opened for traffic in 1907. The other piece of the service is SNB or Solothurn-Niederbipp-Bahn, also only 14 km long and also 1 metre gauge width, 1200V DC traffic, leading "from nowhere to nowhere, in the middle of nowhere": connecting the extremely small countryside village of Niederbipp to the station of Langenthal by the main SBB train line. The SNB line was opened for traffic in 1918 and it can be considered almost a miracle that it is still in operation.








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