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GFM - Chemin de fer Gruyère-Fribourg-Morat

GFM, Chemin de fer Gruyère-Fribourg-Morat or Chemin de fer fribourgeois, which operates under the trade name "La Gruyère", is one of the ´a bit bigger´ private railroad companies of Switzerland. GFM operates in the French speaking part of the country, between the cities of Fribourg/Freiburg and (close to) Montreaux, high up on the mountainous plateau around the famous cheese region of Gruyère. They use both a normal gauge width (1435 mm) railroad in the ´SBB style´ (between Fribourg and Ins) and also narrow gauge (1 metre) tracks, operate a network of total 99 km, which - although not long - is actually quite long compared with the average Swiss private railroad. Parts of their network were opened for traffic already in 1868. The main network (narrow gauge) is electrified with only 800V DC; lower than usual trams. GFM´s trains vary from the ex-DDR built old Ae 4/4 (or also called GDe 4/4, the old Baureihe E42 from East Germany) to normal Swiss local Be 4/4 and BDe 4/4 commuter trains, similar to the SBB, to narrow gauge aluminium built EMUs. They also have a nice colletion of old historic locomotives and rail tractors ranging from year 1903 to 1977 - real treasures for the railroad freak :-)


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