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FO Furka-Oberalp-Bahn

FO or Furka-Oberalp-Bahn is one of the "big" networks of mountain narrow gauge trains, partly adhesion, partly cog wheel driven. FO is connected to and operates together with RhB, Rhätische Bahn, "the" railroad of the Kanton of Graubünden - the world´s largest narrow gauge train network. As with RhB, FO operates with 1 metre gauge width, with trains that use a third cog wheel rail for the steepest slopes. The FO network itself (not counting RhB and the Furka Bergstrecke railroads) has a total length of 100 km, they use 11 kV, 16,7 Hz AC and the network (earliest parts) were opened for traffic in 1915.


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