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BD Bremgarten - Dietikon Bahn

BD is a variation of a common theme: when the industrial revolution in Switzerland started in earnest, tens of small private railroads were built as connection lines from "big" railroad´s stations up small river valleys and to connect more distant villages to the main train lines. BD, Bremgarten-Dietikon line was opened 1. July 1876 to connect the marvelously beautiful medieval town of Bremgarten to the main SBB line between Basel and Zürich at Dietikon station.

In the meantime Zürich city has grown. Today the BD line is part of the Zürich S-Bahn network, connecting both typical suburban areas but also pure countryside as well as the old Bremgarten town to the SBB´s main line. It is now operated by low-floor EMU trains which look like a cross between a tram and a metro train. Also many of the BD´s train stations resemble over-ground metro stations. BD´s gauge width is 1 metre. The line is 19 km long and it is electrified tram-style, with 1200V DC.







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