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SBB - Brünigbahn

Brünigbahn belongs to the state SBB, but it is not a part of the normal track network. It is a narrow gauge (1 metre) line 74 km long, opened in October 1889, which leads from the City of Luzern along a beautiful valley and then steeply over the Brünig Pass to Interlaken on the other side - through the world famous fantastic scenery and countryside. It is a combined adhesion and cog wheel drive system, which uses third track cog wheel drive only in the steepest slopes. Electricity is that of a normal railroad, 15 kV AC, 16,7 Hz. The line has been electrified since the WW II times (1941), due to the that time shortage of coal. Typical locomotives are on the valley only routes the old EMUs from 1941-42 and on the route over the Brünig Pass itself modern locomotives of the type HGe 101 from 1989-90 - a further modification of the Re 4/4 IV series and especially the version of the private railroads (see for example SZU Sihltalbahn Re 456). Coaches are from aluminium to save weight. Usually the trains which go all the way over the pass have also special 1. class panorama coaches for the rich tourists to properly enjoy the magnificent scenery.



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