Hungary - Trams of Budapest

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Budapest has a very impressive tram system with over 50 tram lines numbered from 2A to 69. This tram type with two drivers' cabs and doors on both sides is a very typical Budapest tram. It's called type CSMG-2. They were built by Ganz in Hungary since 1970, so they are already fairly old. There were originally 85 of these trams and some 30 or so are left by now. The first CSMG trams entered service already in 1965 and they were the first articulated trams made in Hungary. It's a 26 metres long high floor traditional tram. Picture 15.1.2018 by Ilpo Ruissalo.


Another view of a Ganz CSMG-2 tram, now on line 49. This is still one of the non-modernised ones which have been in use since 1970.
Picture 15.1.2018 by Ilpo Ruissalo.


Yet another Ganz CSMG-2 tram, here at Bécsi Ut on line 19.
Picture 15.1.2018 by Ilpo Ruissalo.


Almost all Eastern Block socialist countries used to be full of these Tatra trams. These two are of the type Tatra T5C5K, with two drivers' cabs and doors on both sides. Notice how this tram pair has been photographed from behind, but still it looks like there's a front towards the photographer. Budapest had over 450 Tatra trams and out of these 158 are of this newer subtype T5C5K. They were built since 2002 by ČKD Tatra in Prague, Czech Republic. This is a modernised tram. Originally they were of the type Tatra T5C5. Between 1978 and 1984, 322 vehicles were supplied to Budapest and over 100 are still in use. These two are of the modernised type T5C5K which still looks like the old Tatras, but inside is a modern thyristor controlled tram.
Picture 15.1.2018 by Ilpo Ruissalo.


These Spanish CAF Urbos 3 trams are the newest trams in Budapest. There are 35 of them in the shorter variant like this no.2201 and then there are 12 longer ones. They have been built 2014-2016 and were taken in use since 2015.
Picture 15.1.2018 by Ilpo Ruissalo.

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