People's Republic of China

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So called K train between Beijing and Shenyang. These are so called "soft sleeper" coaches in the overnight train. Picture 18.4.2006 by Heikki Hemmilä.


"VIP waiting area" in Beijing for passengers waiting to board the "soft sleeper" coaches of a Beijing to Shenyang night train. Picture 17.4.2006 by Heikki Hemmilä.


Two Western tourists inside a so called K train soft sleeper coach. This is by Chinese standards a luxury sleeper wagon. Picture 17.4.2006 by Heikki Hemmilä.


The Shenyang coal mine area is one of the largest in the Far East. Coal is hauled by trains, many of which are still steam engine powered.
Picture from Shenyang 22.4.2006 by Heikki Hemmilä.
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