Bosnia and Herzegovina

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A class 441 electric locomotive of Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine (ŽFBH), the national railroad company of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company operates 608 km of railroad lines. Also Serbian trains operate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This type 441 is a former Jugoslavian Railways JŽ machine which is based on Swedish technology originally licenced from Asea Brown Boweri ABB. These machines were built by a number of factories including the then Jugoslavian TŽV Janko Gredelj and Đuro Đaković 1970 to 1987. It is a 25 kV AC only machine. Today they are used in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and Romania.
Picture from Sarajevo 24.12.2014 by Kyösti Isosaari.


This class 661 old diesel used to belong to the Yugoslavian railways, but now to the railways of Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was built by Đuro Đaković in Croatia sometime between 1960 to 1971.
Here we see the locomotive on the line between Bela Palanka and Belanovac in Serbia. Picture 7.9.2022 by Petr Štefek.


The same class 661 diesel as above.
Picture from Crvena Reka in Serbia 7.9.2022 by Petr Štefek.
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