The DDG pages would not be here without the following contributors. Many thanks to them.

Analysts and commentators

Rick Kennedy started it all by sending me about 20 DDG lines from various French Defence books in October 1995. He also encouraged me to "get more exposure for my ideas".

Improvements on the DDG analysis, comments on the DDG pages and knotty questions for the FAQ have been sent by many people; here is but a short list of the most active commentators: Jim Arden, Edward Babinski, Richard Comley, Jeroen Cromsigt, Damien Gabriel, Povilas Laucius, Ryan P. Ripley, Andreas Walkenhorst. IM John Watson sent constructive criticism.


Steffen A. Jakob (Yobes) added the DDG in the opening book of Brause, a crafty chess program at FICS, and sent me over 600 games in 1996-1997.

Many Internet players have sent their games: Campbell Clark, Ramon Etxeberria, Bernard Hulin, Laurent Linnemer, Paul Montenero, Clyde Nakamura, Craig Overstreet, Warren Smith, Peter Tart, Bill Wall, David Washburn.

Tournament organizers

Tomas Segerberg organized the first DDG e-mail tournament of 30 players in 1996. Evaristo BailÚn organized a DDG tournament in the Universal Email Chess Club in 1998. Thomas Stock included the DDG in the Thematic Gambit Tournaments in 1999.


Tom Purser, Tim Harding and Jari Pietilń published several DDG articles of mine in their magazines. Kevin O'Connell publicized the DDG in a East Anglian Daily Times article in 1996.

Eric Schiller included fresh analysis as a response to the DDG pages in his book Unorthodox Chess Openings in 1998.

Sarah Hurst reviewed the DDG site in her book Chess on the Web in 1999.

Franco Pezzi included the DDG in his Gambitingly! 2002 CD.

Jyrki Heikkinen