Canada - steam locomotives

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Canadian National no.6213 is now a part of the exhibitions at the Toronto Railways museum. It is a 4-8-4 wheeler (2′D2′h2) machine built by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1942. It was donated to the city of Toronto in 1960.
Picture from the Toronto railways museum 2.7.2014 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Alberta Prairie 41 (Baldwin 2-8-0 built 1920) at Rowley, Alberta on the Central Western Railroad, 22 May 1993. This section of the CWR has recently been abandoned. The town has been used in several movies.
Photo and scan copyright Pat & David Othen.


British Columbia 2860 Royal Hudson (MLW 4-6-4 built in 1940) at Red Deer, Alberta late on the night of 4 May 1978.
Photo and scan copyright Pat & David Othen.


Prairie Dog Central no. 3 (former Canadian Pacific 4-4-0 built by Dubs in 1882) at Winnipeg, Manitoba, 4 August 1991.
Photo and scan copyright Pat & David Othen.


Salem & Hillsborough 1009 (former CN 4-6-0 built by MLW in 1912) and 29 (former CP 4-4-0 built by CP in 1887) seen at Hillsborough, New Brunswick, 7 September 1987. No.29 is now a static exhibit outside Canadian Pacific's headquarters in Calgary.
Photo and scan copyright Pat & David Othen.
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