Assembly TV Video Page

Ohjelmat/Viewing software:
cisco IP/TV viewer (Windows) or MIM (for Linux/Unix)
Verkkovaatimukset/Network requirements:
You need a high quality MBONE multicast connection for receiving the 1.5Mbit/s MPEG-1 stream without losses. It usually means a LAN connection to a suitable research network without firewalls for multicasts. If you don't have it, then you don't see it. Don't despair though since there might be some videoclips available afterwards. Suomessa siis lähinnä suoraan FUNET-verkkoon kytketyt koneet voivat vastaanottaa lähetyksen.
Session description:
asmtv.sdp defines all parameters you need to know for receiving the stream in a Do It Yourself setup.

FUNET-TV just relays the packets to MBONE as a technical experiment, the content, stream etc. is produced by the Assembly LiveCrew. It's also broadcast on a local HTV cable channel.