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libgcj-src - Java library sources from GCC4 preview

Website: http://gcc.gnu.org
License: GPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The Java(tm) runtime library sources for use in Eclipse.


libgcj-src-4.1.2-54.el5.x86_64 [11.1 MiB] Changelog by Jakub Jelinek (2012-05-31):
- lazily declare destructor when needed (#750545)
- fix i?86 -m32 -fpic -fno-omit-frame-pointer cmpxchg8b patterns
  (#760417, PR target/39431)
- change s390* -m31/-m64, -msoft-float/-mhard-float,
  -mlong-double-128/-mlong-double-64 and -mesa/-mzarch option
  handling to cancel each other (#797938)

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