Text-based Internet

elinks - A text-mode Web browser.

Website: http://elinks.or.cz/
License: GPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux
Links is a text-based Web browser. Links does not display any images,
but it does support frames, tables and most other HTML tags. Links'
advantage over graphical browsers is its speed--Links starts and exits
quickly and swiftly displays Web pages.


elinks-0.11.1-6.el5_4.1.i386 [1015 KiB] Changelog by Ondrej Vasik (2009-09-25):
- fix #235411 - CVE-2007-2027 - elinks tries to load .po files
  from non-absolute path
- fix #523258 - CVE-2008-7224 - entity_cache static array buffer

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