Ranunculaceae Juss. Crowfoot Family Leinikkikasvit
  • Anemonaceae von Vest
  • Calthaceae Martinov
  • Clematidaceae Martinov
  • Coptidaceae A. & D. Läwe
  • Delphiniaceae Baum.-Bodenh.

Foodplants for Autoplusia egena, Calyptra hokkaida, C. thalictri, Erythroplusia rutilifrons, Herminia tarsicrinalis, H. tarsipennalis, Herpetogramma moderatalis, Megalographa biloba, Pandemis dumetana, Periphanes cora, Polychrysia esmeralda, Polypogon strigilata, Schrankia costaestrigalis, Thitarodes anomopterus, T. callinivalis, T. jianchuanensis, T. jinshaensis, T. litangensis, T. renzhiensis

5.2.2022 (195)


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