Morus Mulberries

Foodplants for Acantharctia mundata, Afromurzinia lutescens lutescens, Afrospilarctia lucida, Alpenus investigatorum, Apocheima cinerarius, Artaxa subflava, Bombyx mandarina, Celypha mori, Cyrestis camillus, Eyralpenus sublutea, Halysidota interlineata, Hyposidra talaca, Leptoclanis pulchra, Menegites sulphurea, Orgyia turbata, Pandemis corylana, Paradoxecia pieli, Parasa lepida, Polyptychus coryndoni, Pseudoclanis postica, Telchinia oreas, Ustjuzhania lineata

Unmatched external taxa

11.1.2003 (3)


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