Foodplants for Antheraea assamensis, Arctornis galene, A. u147, Asta quadrilinea, Attacus atlas, Cerace xanthocosma, Chalcoscelides castaneipars, Cheritra freja, Cricula trifenestrata, Fascellina plagiata, Graphium anthedon, G. doson, G. doson evemonides, G. sarpedon luctatius, Olene mendosa, Orgyia postica, Pantura rufifrons, Papilio agestor shirozui, P. clytia, P. clytia clytia, P. clytia clytia, P. paradoxa, P. slateri perses, Parasa sundalepida, Pingasa ruginaria, Selepa celtis

Unmatched external taxa

23.9.2000 (2)


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