Castanea Chestnuts

Foodplants for Aglia japonica, Agnidra scabiosa, Bucculatrix demaryella, Calliteara lunulata, Cossus cossus, Dystebenna stephensi, Garella ruficirra, Hemithea aestivaria, Hexafrenum leucodera, H. sikkima, Lymantria dispar japonica, Marumba sperchius, M. sperchius sperchius, Paraclemensia incerta, Phalerodonta bombycina, Phrixolepia sericea, Plagodis pulveraria, Selepa celtis, Somena, Sthenopis purpurascens, Striglina cancellata, Teleiodes flavimaculella, Thyas juno, Trabala vishnou

Unmatched external taxa

11.1.2003 (7)


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