Phaseolus L. Pavut Kidney Bean

Foodplants for Afromurzinia lutescens lutescens, Alpenus maculosa, Amyna axis, Anticarsia irrorata, Aproaerema anthyllidella, Astraptes anaphus, Catochrysops panormus, C. panormus, C. strabo, C. strabo strabo, Chioides catillus, Colias eurytheme, Deudorix antalus, Epargyreus clarus, Euchrysops cnejus, E. cnejus, Euproctis virguncula, Fundella pellucens, Glaucopsyche alexis melanoposmater, Hemiargus ceraunus, Hepialus humuli, Hypolimnas bolina, Jamides bochus, Korscheltellus lupulina, Lampides boeticus, Leptotes marina, Matsumuraeses phaseoli, Mocis undata, Ostrinia scapulalis, Radiarctia screabile, Scopelodes witti, Spathilepia clonius, Spodoptera litura, Trigonodes hyppasia, Urbanus dorantes

Unmatched external taxa

15.2.2005 (4)


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