Diospyros L. Persimmons
  • Brayodendron
  • Maba J. R. Forst. & G. Forst.

Foodplants for Arctornis marginata, A. rutila, Blenina donans, Chrysoritis lycegenes, Depressaria golovushkini, Dophla evelina, D. evelina, Earias cupreoviridis, Grammodes geometrica, Hypocala deflorata, H. violacea, Hyposmocoma unicolor, Labanda achine, L. semipars, Lymantria dispar japonica, Ophthalmitis herbidaria, Orgyia araea, Phrixolepia sericea, Pseudodipsas cephenes, Scopelodes venosa venosa, Sesamia inferens, Sphetta apicalis, Spodoptera litura

Unmatched external taxa

11.1.2003 (8)


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